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Down and Out in Beverly Hills! Kim Richards Homeless and Living Like Junkie Out of Her Car

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Kim Richards_RHOBH crying

The desperate junkie plight of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kim Richards, has hit new heights, according to a new report. 

Sources close to the family claim that at the time of her shoplifting arrest, Kim was in dire straits, living in her car, according to TMZ. 

Kim was arrested Sunday, for allegedly stealing $600 worth of Target merchandise, in a strangely played out scenario. One law enforcement official says that she left the store with more than 50 items in her shopping cart.

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Not surprisingly, sources close to the family report that Kim is again spiraling downward, and has been self-medicating recently. While it remains unclear as to whether or not she was under the influence during the Target incident, her behavior was truly bizarre. 

Kim has allegedly been house hopping since her release from rehab, and she has evidently run out of friends and family willing to take her in. Has Kim finally hit rock bottom….and has her team of enablers actually thrown in the towel?  Stay tuned.


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