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Details of Ramona Singer’s Turks & Caicos Romp Exposed

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Real Housewives of New York viewers raised eyebrows when Ramona Singer brought a man back to the group’s Turks and Caicos vacation home and left him sleeping naked in room adjacent to Heather’s room. Ramona dished to Radar Online, revealing details of naked-sleeping-man-gate.

“LuAnn met a gentleman who was single and available — and she said, ‘Ramona I would like to invite him back to our gorgeous villa to have a drink with me, but he won’t come because he’s with his friend.” Ramona also claims that LuAnn told her to “entertain”, keep his friend company, and have drinks with him too.”

The RHONY vet continued,

“I said, ‘Absolutely, because what are girlfriends for?’” Singer explains. “What’s wrong with being the wingman? We’re on vacation. We’re over 21.” She carried on saying the night was all innocent fun, “I mean we’re not having an orgy, running around naked and going in the pool,” she says. “We’re entertaining in a gorgeous villa two lovely gentlemen who are on vacation also.”

After the ladies had entertained the gentlemen, Ramona was tired and deemed the men too drunk to go home on their own,

“This guy was incapacitated and I thought it would be reckless of me and irresponsible of me to send him home in that condition,” Singer says. “So I said, ‘Please use this room and please be gone before the morning because the girls will be up and the cameras will be here and I don’t think you want that.’”

The next morning before Ramona could usher the man out the door, he was discovered by Heather Thomson in the morning with no clothes on which created a firestorm. Ramona is a little shocked by Heather and Carole’s “immature” reaction to a seemingly innocent situation. 

“Are these girls living underneath a rock?” Singer questions. “I find it a little immature, especially since we are in the 21st century the last time I checked. We’re not under 18 and have a chaperone and need permission slips.” Ramona concluded, “Listen, we are all mature adults. We are on our vacation.” 



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