RECAP: #TeenMom2 — Jenelle Evans Battles Mom For Custody of Her Son Jace [Episode 4]

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All About the Tea_Teen Mom 2

Chelsea Houska

Teen Mom 2 kicks off little Aubree getting busted at school for scratching a classmate.  We learn that bouncing back and forth between Adam’s family and Chelsea is triggering some adjustment issues, as we watch the little pee wee bellow in protest, as Chelsea tries to regain control of the screechy little darlin’.  She promises to apologize for the whoopsie clawing the next day.  Chelsea’s dad pops in to visit his daughter and her menagerie, assuring her that rotten brat behavior is common when you are stuck with a reprobate father.  Chelsea wants to visit the family visitation center, to make sure trashy people like her baby daddy don’t hang there to chill, in case the judge rules that Adam and Aubree have to be supervised there.  Later on we watch Randy, Chelsea and Aubree make a snowman, while Adam works out, and chats with a random guy, possibly playing the part of someone who can stand to converse with Adam.   Adam touts the joys of sobriety, and the MTV extra is impressed by the controversial dad’s  parenting, based on seeing a few episodes on TV. 

Chelsea-Teen Mom 2

Adam complains about Chelsea and Taylor’s demands, and surmises that any judge will surely be impressed by his landowning skills, not to mention his new status as a super scary looking personal trainer.  Randy and Chelsea and an odd looking dog drive home from the visitation center, which Chelsea found negative, and depressing. Kids from crabby parents go there, and it unnerves Chelsea.  Chelsea hopes that Adam’s parents get it together, so they never have to go back. 

Kailyn Lowry

Things are still tense between Kailyn and Javi, as we check in with Isaac and his mom.  Kailyn blathers on the phone to a friend, complaining that her marriage was probably a mistake.  She and Javi rushed into things, including having a second baby, and her friend pep talks her into not giving up.  Javi and Kailyn later discuss their marriage, and it’s the same old story.   wants to be single, and Javi wants to be married.  All they do is fight, and the end of the relationship appears near.  The boys toddle in, and Javi wants to keep trying to get Kailyn to love him again.  Kailyn looks less than enthused. 

kailyn-lowry-Teen Mom 2

Later, Joe and Vee discuss moving to Delaware, and the exchange is weird.  Joe seems willing to ditch his girlfriend because of Kailyn’s challenging schedule, under the guise of being closer to Isaac.   Vee is rolling her eyes, appropriately.  Clueless Vee doesn’t know what to do, but decides to go along with her unenthusiastic love interest.  Kailyn and Javi pull off a date night, and discuss actually applying what their therapist is teaching them.  Javi wants the marriage to get better, and Kailyn just hopes that she doesn’t hate him like her other baby daddy.

Jenelle Evans

it’s a happy day, because Jenelle has finally been given permission to hang out with Jace, and we are reminded that Barbara still has no idea that Jenelle has filed for custody.  Nathan and Jenelle force Jace to stare at her new ring, and pressure him into assuring them that he wants to live with them.  The boy looks nervous about such a scary proposition.  Over at Barbara’s, she is chatting with a friend, spilling the news of Jenelle’s engagement.  Her friend expresses confusion over what guy it is this time, as Barbara expresses her upset over Jenelle possibly regaining custody of Jace. It’s sad.  Jenelle continues to lay on the guilt, pushing Jace to feel responsibility for the parent who loudly dumped him. Jace continues to function through his obvious confusion.

Teen Mom 2_jenelle

Barbara arrives to pick up Jace, and he greets her with a half a dozen “moms.”  She acts mildly interested in Kaiser, probably jarred by his resemblance to Nathan, and Jenelle’s engagement ring, trying to act positive.  She inquires about a wedding date, Jace’s weekend, and whether or not she and Nathan are still ripping each other to shreds.  Jenelle assures her nah, not this episode. Barbara explains that the transition home is tough for Jace, and Jenelle loudly interrupts, peeved that her blaring mouth hasn’t made a cameo this week. Jenelle blathers on about forbidding Jace to call anyone else mom, and Barbara assures her, while smacking her gum, that being a grandmother is impossible to forget.     

Leah Calvert

Leah and Jeremy are still fighting, and lucky Jeremy is out-of-town, working.  The three girls are running wild, and Leah looks like she is aging at lightning speed.  Transitioning is hard on all the kids on this show, and Gracie steps out of line, and gets a spanking.  Leah’s visiting pal assures her that all W. Virginia kids get whooped and hopefully her kids will turn out just  great, but hopefully with far better hair than the typical West Virginian.  Leah discusses the whooping later with her sister, and regrets not being able to communicate with Corey about whether or not going all W. Virginia on their kids is ok.  They can’t talk since Corey has nailed her as a sleepy druggie, and it has caused their relationship to nosedive.  She is not sure whether or not to give in to handing over the girls more to Corey, because his motives may be too deviously beneficial. 

Leah-Messer-Teen Mom 2

Her sister sharply advises her to not “rush things about it.” Corey and Miranda get a turn at refereeing the sister smackdowns, and take it in stride, just being thankful that they are not yet old enough to be knocked up teenagers.  Corey decides to push Leah to step up as a mom, and Miranda encourages him to be nice about it.  The ex-couple meets to discuss the custody arrangement.  Corey just wants the twins more, so his mind will be eased that his girls are cared for. Leah chimes in, blaming Corey for creating pressure, thus killing her mothering skills.  Corey is freaked because his daughters are skilled toaster operators, and Leah looks nervous. Corey just wants his children to be on time for school, and not be forced to cook their own bread.  Leah thinks there is a plot against her, mirroring a classic, paranoid junkie.  She wraps the meeting with some bonus stupid rambling.

There is sure to be more stupid rambling on tap for next week!  What did you think of tonight’s drama?   


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