LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Allegedly Broke And Owe Friends Thousands

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Leann Rimes

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are living on borrowed dimes…and borrowed time. According to a report by Star Magazine, the couple had to borrow $350k from friends, Dave and Lizzie Fradin in order to purchase their $3 million Hidden Hills, California, mansion. An insider spills that LeAnn and Eddie had to resort to the loan from the Fradins to secure their financing for the place they call home.

“LeAnn and Eddie took out a $2.1 million loan from the bank, but that’s all they were qualified to borrow.  They scraped together $550k in cash, but the remaining down payment was provided by their pals.”

While Dave and Lizzie were reportedly happy to help out the couple, that feeling could quickly shift at any time. 

“It’s a recipe for disaster,” dishes the insider.  “If LeAnn and Eddie fail to repay the loan, the Fradins could foreclose on their house!”

Eddie and LeAnn’s financial problems are mounting, due to the flop of LeAnn’s latest album, Spitfire. The couple was supposedly counting on the project to bring in the bill paying cash.

“She was the hottest singer 20 years ago, but LeAnn didn’t manage her money properly,” spills the source.  “She burned through her $20 million fortune.” 

The tipster added that LeAnn’s and Eddie’s vacations, luxury cars, and pricey shopping sprees were mostly funded by credit cards. 

“Eddie thought he’d hit the jackpot by marrying a Grammy winner,” added a close friend of Eddie’s.  “The idea that they’d be desperate enough to ask friends for money never crossed his mind.”

What do you think of this showy couple gettin’ by with a little help from their friends?


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