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Kristen Taekman Attacks Ramona Singer! “Ramona Just Does Not Stop Complaining”

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All About the Tea_Real Housewives of New York-season7

The Real Housewives of New York” star, Kristen Taekman, continues to wrestle with her place among her “Housewife” peers. A few of Kristen’s costars feel she struggles with her timing and questions her intelligence.

Kristen took to her blog to share her feelings about Bethenny Frankel’s Valentine’s Day Party/Skinnygirl infomercial. And weigh in on Ramona’s advantageous pursuits of men at the party.

“Bethenny’s Valentine’s Day party was a hit. We were all asked to dress in red, which was fun, since I love a theme! Josh and I were one of the first people to arrive, so it was nice to get a moment with Bethenny before the madness.”

As viewers witnessed on last night’s episode, Ramona was on the prowl for a hot guy. And while Bethenny aided her in her frantic man search, Kristen was less than amused by Ramona’s antics. Kristen feels Bethenny needs to stop paying Ramona so much attention.

“I really think she needs to stop giving Ramona so much attention. Ramona wouldn’t know what to do with a guy if she ever did find the perfect one. She is all talk and no game. She flirts like a mad woman and then when it’s time to get down to it, she stays away from it all! Ramona just does not stop complaining! STOP! It’s not always about you!”

The RHONY star shares her sentiments on Carole and Dorinda’s bonding experience in London as they mourned their deceased husbands.

“It was so emotional watching Carole pick up the urn. I was crying while watching this. She is not a hugger and very rarely cries. I was happy that she was able to have this time to feel these emotions. Sometimes I think that letting it all out is the best way to move on from grief and pain. Dorinda was the perfect partner to share all of this with.”


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