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EXCLUSIVE: Carole Radziwill BUSTED for Picking Up Husband’s Already Scattered Ashes?

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Bravo and Carole Radziwill took viewers on a poignant journey to London last night on “The Real Housewives of New York.” She and castmate, Dorinda Medley, bonded as abandoned widows, sojourning across the sea to retrieve the ashes of Carole’s late husband, Anthony Radziwill.  The trek was meant to be vulnerable, emotional, and raw….and although questions linger over how Lee Radziwill felt about the display, many viewers were swept away by the weepy journey of a wife working to move past a tragically lost, one true love. 

However, the author of What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship & Love, has questions to answer about the episode. Why does her book claim that Anthony Radziwill’s ashes were scattered in the ocean off East Hampton, if the episode’s characterization was accurate?  See excerpt below from Carole’s memoir,


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Bravo and Radziwill most definitely implied that Carole’s departed ex-husband’s ashes were housed in the gold urn she collected from the London based priest, featured on the show.  Was this just an over-dramatized storyline, or a straight up fabrication? 

Further adding speculation to the ashes mystery is a PEOPLE magazine article Carole did in 2005 where again she mentions her late husband’s ashes were scattered in the ocean. “Three weeks later, in a similar gathering, the same kind of ceremony was performed as her husband’s ashes were scattered in the ocean off East Hampton.” The People article states. Below is a snippet from the article. 


Of course, the solid possibility exists that the ashes were split, and both scenarios are true accounts. However, what would Carole’s motive be, in keeping the whole truth untold, in both the book, and in her portrayal of events, as told to a rapt Bravo audience? After all, her life with her husband has been described over and over, with the death of best pals John and Caroline Kennedy, along with the tragically coinciding death of her Kennedy connected husband, serving as the bulk of character color for Radziwill. Radziwill minus the Camelot connection would certainly dull, and possibly even erase much of the dramatic hue from the widow writer, turned hipster cougar. 

What do you think was going on here? A simple oversight, or a contrived and tasteless storyline, designed to hype up and draw in an emotional audience? One thing appears certain…Bravo viewers were manipulated by the very least, a sin of omission. I wonder how Father Darius would weigh in?   


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