Whitney Houston’s Will Reveals Who’ll Get Her Estate With Bobbi Kristina’s Death

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Mother knows best! Bobbi Kristina Brown was set to inherit $20 million when Whitney Houston died, but according to Whitney’s will, her mother thought it best to keep a tight hold of the purse strings. The pop icon’s will reveals that Whitney Houston remains the power player, with her wishes, not her daughter’s, determining the fate of her fortune.

According to the will, a trust was established in which Bobbi Kristina would receive 1/10 of Whitney’s estate when she turned 21. She was set to receive 1/6 of the balance when she turned 25, obviously an impossibility in light of her tragic death, at the age of 22. 

Whitney’s will provided that if her daughter died before the age of 25, the fortune would be designated to the people of Whitney’s choosing. This axes out any authority that Bobbi Kristina was thought to have, over 9/10 of the Houston estate. Houston’s mother, Cissy and brothers Michael and Gary are all designated in the will, as is Whitney’s ex, Bobby Brown. However, there is a snag with Bobby Brown claiming his cut, namely the wording of the will. The will reads, to “my husband, Robert B. Brown.”  The will was drafted  before the couple divorced in 2007,  and the issue is whether Bobby still qualifies, because he is no longer her husband. New Jersey, where the will was drafted, says NO, because the state law reads that no existing marriage means he no longer meets the conditions of being a qualifier.     


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