Caitlyn Jenner has a Transgender Religious Naming Ceremony with Guests Dressed in White

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Caitlyn Jenner has a Transgender Religious Naming Ceremony

The transformation continues with Caitlyn Jenner,  the latest symbolic step being a transgender religious naming ceremony, which took place last week. The ceremony is a formal way of celebrating new identities, and the events have evidently become popular within the trans community. The ceremony took place at Jenner’s Malibu home, by the swimming pool, and was officiated by a minister.

Caitlyn was seen giving a speech to the crowd, wearing a short white dress, with sleeve cutouts, surrounded by flowers. The guests were all asked to wear white, but guest starkly stood out, Culture Club frontman, Boy George. The singer, decked out in solid black, and Jenner had not known each other previously, but supposedly became friendly when he voiced his support for Jenner’s transition decision. 

George was also quoted on Yahoo, commenting,

“It’s that world I was fighting for in 1984. That was what I wanted. I wanted people not to care about whether you were gay, straight, black, white, transgender, whatever it may be.”

George reportedly performed during the ceremony, with the cameras rolling, documenting the event for Jenner’s reality show. Caitlyn’s family was not present, instead allegedly participating in a same day graduation party, thrown to celebrate Jenner’s daughter, Kylie’s completion of high school. Guests were said to be Caitlyn’s new friends in the trans community.

These ceremonies evidently don’t take any particular form. An article by GLADD cites examples which include the giving of thanks for the new moniker, as well as “fluidity of identity and self-expression.” It is unclear where religion, and the need for a minister fits into the loosely defined ceremony. 


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