RECAP: #BigBrother17 — Backdoor Plans Fail! [Episode 15]

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Episode 15 - BB17

We’re on day 36 in the “Big Brother” house. “The Sixth Sense” alliance holds onto power. Jackie has finally stopped decorating the house, and decided to play the game. Never too late princess.
After HOH on Thursday, congrats go to Jackie. Jackie is excited because she wants to prove she’s not a pawn. She’s a queen. Vanessa didn’t really want to win HOH, but after Jackie won the first spot she knew she had to win. Vanessa is worried because she sent Jackie’s number one ally Jeff home. She may be one of Jackie’s targets.
Austin and James think the girls are running the game, and they’re just minions.

Austin, the genius he is, decides to initiate “Operation Jason.” He plans to give Jason a bit of info to move the target off of the twins. Jason caught onto Liz being a twin weeks ago. Austin and Jason are hanging out in the bathroom. Austin tells Jason Liz is a twin. Her twin is named is Julia. He says he wanted to tell Jason because he was “exploding inside.” He admits he has a strong connection with Liz, and hints if he had to choose between them, he’d choose Liz. He wants to work with the twins, but his heart belongs to Liz. Immediately, Jason tells Meg about the twins. They call in Shelli (who already knows about the twins.) Shelli believes what Jason is saying because Jason said one of the twins is named Julia. She’s pissed about it. Vanessa is told next. Basically, Austin wants Liz to survive with him until jury. 15 hours before eviction, Shelli tells Clay. Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa are all up in the HOH room discussing Austin. They think Austin is being dumb. They want to tell Liz (they actually told Julia not Liz) about Austin’s dirty deeds. Vanessa is iffy on maybe targeting Austin because it blows up “The Sixth Sense” alliance.

Vanessa and Jackie have a short conversation about nominations and targets. Jackie wants to target Liz, Steve, or Austin. When Jackie brings up Liz’s name, Vanessa tries to have no reaction. She doesn’t want Jackie catching onto Vanessa and the twins working together. Vanessa hints at the idea of being ok with Austin going home.

“Who wants to see our HOH room?” Everyone goes up to check out Jackie, and Vanessa’s goodies. Jackie has some childhood pictures, and a recent picture of her parents and her. Vanessa got some pictures. One of the pictures was of Vanessa and her mom. James calls Vanessa’s mom “a smoke bomb.” He even tells her later, but Vanessa crushes his schoolboy dreams. She’s married.
Austin is now put on the spot. Vanessa wants to catch him lying. She asks him about what he told Jason. He minimized what he said. Immediately Vanessa knows he’s lying. She gives him a little warning about lying to her. (I think they forget the game is all about lying.) Austin says he’s not intentionally lying to Vanessa. He just doesn’t want to tell her his plan yet because she may think it’s stupid. Vanessa says (in her DR) she started questioning Austin in week 3 when he threw the POV to Johnny Mac.

Vanessa pulls Julia up into the HOH room to fill her in on Austin’s lies. Vanessa tells Julia what Austin said. She says Austin isn’t thinking very clearly, so don’t believe everything he says. Vanessa asks Julia if Liz is into Austin. Julia says she doesn’t think so. Then Julia promises she won’t tell Liz. Julia is pissed about Austin. She says if you mess with one of us, you mess with both of us. The reason she decides not to tell Liz is because she wants Liz to keep her head in the game.

Vanessa confirms to Shelli and Clay, Austin’s a big liar. She said there are 2 fractions of “The Sixth Sense” alliance: “Listen” and “Celli.” She knew she was going to have to pick. “Clelli” has showed more loyalty. While they’re discussing Austin’s betrayal, Jackie walks in. They start talking about nominations. Jackie says she wants to put up Liz because Liz put her up. They discuss who wants to be dethroned. Vanessa is ok with being dethroned because that means Jackie will get all the blood on her hands. They all agree their plan is to backdoor Austin. Now they need pawns. Clay volunteers to be a pawn because he’s never been on the block. Jackie talks Becky into being a pawn. Together (along with Shelli and Clay) they talk to Meg, Jason, and James. Jason says he promised he would never throw a comp. James is talked into being a pawn, but they form an 8-person alliance. They named it “Darkmoon.” (Jason named it) Vanessa explains they can get Austin out, and keep the twins because the twins are a big target.

Vanessa reassures Austin he is not going on the block. Vanessa says Jackie is putting Liz up, and there’s nothing that can be done about that. She tells him the backdoor target is Steve. Austin asks why she just doesn’t put him up during nominations. Vanessa says what if he wins Battle of the Block? Then Jackie’s target would be safe. She explains It’s a good thing for Clay to go up as a pawn because he hasn’t ever gone up, and it makes it look like they aren’t working together. After Austin hears Liz is going up, he almost volunteers to go up as a pawn, and throw it so Liz stays safe. Vanessa shuts that down.

It’s nomination time. Jackie reveals her nominees first. She nominates James and Liz. Her reason is simple. They both nominated her. Vanessa nominates Clay and Becky. She says Clay hasn’t been HOH and hasn’t ever been nominated. Becky has the maturity to handle nominations as a game move. Julia and Austin say it sucks. Johnny Mac is overjoyed over nominations! He’s always been nominated, so he’s not sure what to do with himself. He snarks “I get to watch a competition?”

Vanessa reassures Julia she is not the target. She won’t go anywhere this week. Vanessa likes the twins, but she has an ulterior motive. After Austin leaves, she wants to keep the twins on her side. She actually calls them “Ride or Die.”

The twins switched twice during this episode. The first time Liz told Julia Austin tried to kiss her. She looked mortified. Julia laughed at her and told her to stop playing with people’s hearts! She also mentioned who won HOH. The second time Julia told Liz they were nominated. Julia didn’t tell Liz what Austin did because she needs Liz’s head in the Battle of the Block competition. She told Liz to stick close to Austin this week because he will do anything for her. He “scary likes” her.

Battle of the Block competition involved BB16 houseguests. They first looked at the memory wall where all the BB16 houseguests pictures popped up. Then they went into the backyard, and saw “The BB Newsroom.” Gossip on BB16 houseguests eating at “Outback Steakhouse.” Meg hosted. Here’s how it went: They had to get paint and throw it against the white walls, furniture, floors, and clothing. The paint will reveal letters. They have to uncover enough letters to unscramble 3 BB16 houseguests names. The first one to get the 3 names of the correct BB16 houseguests win safety for the week, and another special prize. Becky and Clay’s strategy was to call out the letters Clay uncovered, so Becky could put them on their board. James and Liz were all over the place. James was suppose to throw the comp, so you can guess he was probably doing it on purpose. Unfortunately, Liz was smarter than everyone guessed. It was neck and neck. Liz and James got to their buzzer first, and won safety! The winners also get a private “Outback Steakhouse” dinner.

Jackie, Clay, and Shelli weren’t happy. Clay asked “why did I volunteer to go on the block?” It was their worst case scenario. Austin, and Liz were happy about it. Liz will make it through this eviction! Julia will be entering the house.

We find out on Wednesday if this operation to backdoor Austin stays together, or falls apart. You can also watch the live, unedited 24/7 feeds!


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