#RHONY Reunion Fight: LuAnn de Lesseps Attempted To Unleash a Can of Whoop Ass on Carole Radziwill!

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Things got dicey during the taping of “The Real Housewives of New York” reunion show, on July 7th. An insider dished to US Weekly that cast mates, Luann de Lesseps and Carole Radziwill almost came to blows during the sit-down, with de Lesseps kicking off the dramatic fireworks.

The squabble began when the countess called Radziwill out, accusing her of stealing her niece’s one-time boyfriend, Adam Kentworthy.  Carole fired back, reminding Luann of her Turks and Caicos romp with a married man, which pushed the classy countess over the edge.

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She lunged at Carole, screaming, ‘How dare you?’” reveals a show source. “Carole put her hands up and told her to back off.”

The reunion is set to air as a set of specials in August. A week after the filming, Radziwill was still peeved at the smackdown threat, commenting,

“Luann lunged at me because she couldn’t take hearing the truth about her own bad girl behavior,” Radziwill said adding, “If elegance is learned, then she needs to go back to school!”

Carole maintains that Luann’s niece had already moved on to another man before she began dating Kentworthy. Heather Thomson, always Carole’s cheerleader, and Bethenny Frankel jumped into the fray, defending opposing sides. 

“Heather said to Luann, ‘If you were really bothered by Carole and Adam you would have said something when you saw them snuggling up that night they met at your house,’” a second source dishes, “She noted that they were clearly feeling sparks, but if LuAnn had said back off, Carole would have.”

Frankel was next on Heather’s hit list, spills the insider.

“Heather snapped at her for constantly interrupting everyone with her commentary,” the source explains. At one point, she even told the Skinnygirl mogul she just couldn’t listen to her talk anymore.   Frankel actually agreed with her.  “Bethenny said, ‘I’m tired of me, too,’ and admitted she’s annoying,” the insider says.

Ramona Singer evidently tuned out he ruckus, and the 12-hour taping supposedly left her snoozing on the couch. The source adds,

“She fell asleep on the couch and Andy Cohen had to wake her up!”


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