Disgusting! Roaches, Trash, Feces — Inside Kim Richards Wrecked Home — Landlord Enraged!

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Kim Richards_RHOBH

Kim Richards has been sprung from rehab, and is speaking out about the joy of her reborn “sobriety”…again. It is too little, too late for Kim’s former landlord, who according to Star Magazine, is stuck cleaning up after the stumbling to the curb, star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” 

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According to the report, Kim Richards left the five bedroom, three bathroom home she was renting in the San Fernando Valley, a complete wreck, before abandoning the property, presumably because she could no longer afford the $4,000 a month price tag. 

“Kim left the place a complete mess,” spills an inside source, “The damage is terrible…stains all over, piles of destroyed furniture…not to mention the smell, since she let her dog pee and poop inside, and didn’t clean up after him.”

The visual indeed provides a glimpse into how deeply disturbed Kim Richards was, prior to her downward spiral last spring. Her stormy condition triggered a public drunken meltdown, which led to an arrest, and her latest stint in rehab. 

The landlord is said to be infuriated, and plans to hold Richards responsible for paying for the extensive repairs  that her security deposit will not cover. Will sisters Kathy Hilton or Kyle Richards step in to bail out their sister, once again?

“Kim could barely take care of herself, let alone a house.  She’d drink all day, and pass out,” explains a disheartened friend. “The place was a disgusting wreck, overrun with cockroaches, but Kim refused to hire a maid.  She was so paranoid about her drinking, she didn’t want anyone to find out how bad it was,” adding, “If Kim thinks she will be able to rent another nice property, she’s nuts.”

As reported have surfaced that Kim resorted to moving in with her sister Kathy, when she was released from rehab. Further complicating matters, is Kim’s dog Kingsley, who has allegedly bitten three people. Kathy has not yet spoken out about her purported new roomie. 

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Kim recently gave an interview where she claimed that she may negotiate a return to the Beverly Hills oriented Bravo series.  It has also been reported that the assertion is absolutely false, and that Bravo producers are indeed done with Richards, supposedly fed up with being lied to by a raging addict.  What do you think will come next, for the perpetually flailing, Kim Richards?


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