RECAP: #TeenMom2 — Jenelle Evans and Nathan ERUPT! Nathan Says Jace Isn’t His Son [Episode 3 ]

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Teen Mom2_leah-jeremy
Leah Calvert

“Teen Mom 2” begins with Leah and Jeremy meeting with Corey to exchange the twins. Corey wants more everyday-life time with the girls, and Leah agrees to think about it, and believes that the request is reasonable. She clearly is desperate for some junkie parenting relief, and would probably agree to almost anything that eases the work. Later on, we watch Leah struggle with washing and feeding canned pasta to her three girls, while they understandably struggle to hold their eyes open…at midnight. She drags them out of bed 7 hours later, and manages to dump them at school, looking like an unrecognizable creature seen on Animal Planet, not MTV. She meets up with her mother, and concludes from the harrowing episode that all of her girls will be on birth control by the age of 13. She tells her mom about Corey’s fabulous request, which is sounding heavenly, but her mom disagrees, commenting that the idea is crazy. 

Corey and Miranda discuss the fact that they should have the girls more, so they can infuse some structure in their lives, and bless them with a dinner hour before 11 pm. This couple is much too kind, and Leah should be thankful that they don’t blab how bad the situation has really become. Back at Leah and Jeremy’s, the stress continues, as the family prepares for a trip. The family jams themselves into an over-crammed car and drive away, hoping a cop doesn’t pull them over for being unable to see out of any windows. Jeremy and Leah snipe at each other, while the little one is being crushed with the hoard of junk they are hauling. The chaos is real, and Leah is cracking up.


Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom2_Jenelle

Over at Jenelle’s, she is back from her St. Thomas, engaged, and freshly crabby.  Her mom has not responded to the engagement announcement, nor Jenelle’s badgering to visit Jace. We hear of an end of trip blowout with Nathan and Jenelle’s vacationing friends, which has made things tense at  home. Jenelle phones her pal Tori, and shares the happy ring-on-it news, and the raging fight which Jenelle describes as ending in Nathan not adequately standing up for his fiancee. Nathan is peeved that Jenelle is discussing the incident, not understanding the “aggravation from hell” he puts her through. The couple and the baby go out to dinner, where they discuss legally trying to gain custody of Jace. Nathan believes that Barbara is “dumb as rocks,” sneering at his clever assessment, as he reluctantly agrees to accompany Jenelle to the lawyer’s office. 

Nathan drags his feet the day of the lawyer meeting, triggering a temper tantrum from Jenelle, which turns into a couple’s battle. The pair screams at each other, while their baby boy whimpers, at being left alone. Jenelle goes for a dramatic drive, and has her normal episode weeping session, experiences a change of heart, and goes back to pick up Nathan. They rehash their televised scream-fest, and decide that they need counseling. They meet with their lawyer, who reminds them that Barbara still has control, but that he would do his best. 

Teen Mom2_


Chelsea Houska

We check in with Chelsea, and learn that Adam’s parents are slacking with supervising Adam during his visits with Aubree. Adam was arrested for domestic stalking, and Chelsea got into a spat with Adam’s mother, for ignoring the court requirements. Chelsea talks it over with her friend Chelsey, who responds with a blank stare, sprinkled with a few nods and smiles. Chelsea later meets with her lawyer who is instigating a request for shifting visits to a family visitation center, where Adam will be watched like a hawk. We flip to Adam meeting with his lawyer, who looks exhausted at the massive pile of work ahead of her.  She reviews Chelsea’s lawyer’s demands, which Adam labels as stupid solutions for drug addicts, not designed for perpetual losers who domestically stalk. Adam is resolved to living with Chelsea drama, for the rest of his life. We jump over to Chelsea and Cole chatting about their summer, and the scene is cute, and it’s nice to see Chelsea with a nice guy who will kill the spiders. 

Teen Mom 2_Chelsea Houska

Aubree is hanging out with her dad and his pal, in a sludge spewing pickup, with her grandparents nowhere to be seen. While America watches him violate the custody agreement, Adam rambles to Aubree about the horror of what her mother is requesting. A tweaked arrangement will give him lots of freedom to devote to bonus televised rebellion, and he promises little Aubree that he will deliver.  Aubree returns home spouting Adam’s hollow promises, and Chelsea looks blank, but worried.


Kailyn Lowry 

Kailyn and Javi are headed to a therapy session, to battle their marriage breakdown.  Kailyn wishes that they would actually implement what they learn there, and both of them admit that “dialoguing” through anger is rough. The therapist walks them through an appreciation exercise, which Kailyn snottily labels as BS. Kailyn is passionate about everything, including being a demanding B, and Javi is at a loss. Later, she meets up with Joe to pick up Isaac, where they discuss their ongoing custody arrangement conflict. Joe wants to move to be closer to his son, solving the problem, but Kailyn doesn’t want him to relocate, obviously hoping that her existence can remain a dramatic quagmire. 

Teen Mom 2_kailyn-teen-mom

We rejoin Javi and Kailyn after another giant blowout fight, and we learn that it occurred because Javi believes that Kailyn is whoring around with her social media habits. Javi is spending the night in a hotel, and things are looking dismal. Sweet Isaac misses his nighttime routine with Javi, and the display is sad, but Kailyn appears strangely unfazed by her little one’s emotion. Javi returns, and the couple continues to argue over the same trust issues. Kailyn clearly wants out, but Javi seems attached and more reluctant. 

The young mother struggles continue next week, as marriages crumble and the chaos continues.  Don’t miss it!


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