Bye Bye Brandi Glanville! Former #RHOBH Housewife for Hire and The Price is Right!

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Aaaah, it has been a blissful few weeks since the kicked to the curb star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Brandi Glanville, poked her nose out of the hole discarded Bravo ‘Housewives’ go to brood. 

Good news everyone! Brandi has recovered, and is officially on the market, as evidenced by this photo, proudly posted on her Twitter account with the hashtag #MOVINGON.

Brandi Glanville_RHOBH

She also reached out to her former boss, Andy Cohen, in what seemed like a desperate last ditch effort to get her job back. 

What does Brandi offer to any potential boss who is willing to take her on? 

  • Lewd language, thoughts, and opinions freely given.  Randomly spewed, nasty banter that will far surpass your wildest dreams.
  • Relocation experience, stripper pole placement pro.  Bonus romps with lonely or desperate moving men, welcomed.
  • A stumbling piece of eye candy, sure to please any photographer, especially from behind.
  • Limitless blurting skills that will shock and horrify all of your friends.
  • No pesky class, decorum, or consideration for others getting in the way of getting the job done. 
  • Personal growth or advancement not desired.

Glanville’s rate is spot on…so get in line folks, and good luck Brandi!


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