RECAP: #BigBrother17 Eviction Night, Who Went Home! [Episode 14]

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BB17_Epi 14

When Audrey didn’t show up for the veto meeting, her behavior was a social media hot topic.  Will Audrey show up for the eviction? Has Audrey’s luck ran out?

So, let’s start out with Audrey’s odd behavior. It was very edited, so here’s how it really was on the feeds: dramatic. She broke the Have Not rules, and yes she actually spent over 5 hours in the DR. All the time Audrey spent in the DR made her fellow houseguests wondering if she would leave the game before the eviction. Vanessa and Jason said she wasn’t in good shape. (Vanessa said in her DR) Audrey’s behavior might be a game move, but she really feels like Audrey is having a difficult time being backdoored. Austin and Steve are pissed. They say this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and she’s wasting it if she quits. Jason says yes he’s had plenty of beef with Audrey, but he wants her to go out with pride. The right way. (Meaning he wants to evict her.) 1 hour before the veto meeting, Audrey finally comes out of the DR after 5 hours, and goes straight to bed. Julia (In the house for this episode) says she thought she saw a ghost, and she’s surprised Audrey came back. Jason and James question if Audrey is emotionally stable enough to play the game. James being the sweetheart he is, decides to make Audrey breakfast in bed. He brings it to her on a tray. He says it’s not game related, he’s just being nice. Audrey gets up again and heads back to the DR. Austin and Meg notice she went in again. A few of the houseguests question if Audrey’s behavior is all game. After all this weirdness, Audrey’s attending the eviction ceremony. She rarely had conversations with her fellow houseguests after the blow up with Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa.

After the veto meeting: Vanessa (and some others) pointed out this is the first time a replacement nominee hasn’t attended the veto meeting. Vanessa said she feels bad for Audrey, but this won’t derail their plan. Shelli also felt bad, but it was best for her game. Jason said Audrey is FINALLY nominated.

Julie talks to Jason about his stint as a “Whackstreet Boy.” Jason says he kind of hated it at first, but then he really started to enjoy it. Julie tells them “The Whackstreet Boys” has taken the nation by storm! Jason, Liz/Julia, and Johnny Mac enjoyed hearing that. They’re SO big The Backstreet Boys tweeted to them about loving their moves! Julie then announces “The Whackstreet Boys” are now going to do their first live performance! The 3 of them get up there, and they kind of do nothing at first, but they get into it. The audience outside the house was clapping for them.

Audrey has been ruthless in the house. It’s time to check in with her family to get their opinions on Audrey as a Big Brother Houseguest. They show little clips of Johnny Mac asking about Audrey’s name, but at home her dad says they have no pictures of “Adam.” All their pictures are of Audrey. They talk about Audrey telling the houseguests right off the bat about being Transgender. They think it was sort of freedom for her. She didn’t have to hide who she was, and they were over the moon the houseguests accepted Audrey right off the bat. Little fact about Audrey’s name: When she was transitioning, Audrey talked to her mom about her new name. Her mom told her she always liked the name Audrey. Audrey’s family points out how Audrey played the game right away while the other houseguests were just getting to know eachother. They hate how Audrey feels excluded because she’s not use to it. They do think her tears are real. Her friend said she’s ruthless in the house, but she’s not that way in her everyday life.

BB17_Epi 14_

It’s time to start voting for eviction. Audrey received 1 penalty vote for eating regular food as a have not. They’re given a few minutes to pled their case. Audrey gives her Twitter handle then she says it was a honor to be on the show, and feel accepted by her fellow houseguests. Then she says a lot of them have been wanting her to be on the block so “Merry freaking Christmas.” Johnny Mac gives shout outs to his fellow “Whackstreet Boys” bandmates. He says If they keep him, it would be really cool. The votes were 10-1 (Audrey’s penalty vote) Audrey was the 4th houseguest evicted from the Big Brother 17 house. When she leaves she mocks her little impromptu performance of “Is it really real?” That made them laugh a bit. She hugs Vanessa and heads out to see Julie.

After she gets to Julie, as expected, Julie asks Audrey about being Transgender. She asked how it felt when her fellow houseguests just accepted her. She said it was overwhelming. It’s a spectacle she can go back and see it again. Julie then asks about her gameplay. Audrey just says it’s really emotional in there, and she promised herself she wouldn’t be an emotional player. Basically she didn’t do anything she planned before she went into the house. When Julie asked why she thinks her allies turned on her. She says Vanessa had a valid reason. She went to Shelli and Clay to give them information, but they told Vanessa about it. Oh Audrey. Give us a little more consideration. We aren’t dumb, and that’s not why you were nominated. During her goodbye messages Shelli cried and told her she would always be her best friend. She says she loves Audrey, and hopes she sees it’s gameplay not personal. Jason says he’s glad she’s gone. She was a manipulator, and a fighter. He voted to evict her for Da’vonne, and he hopes Da’vonne and her daughter are now celebrating. Steve thanks Audrey for having enough courage to come on the show. Johnny Mac in all his spazziness said she just played too hard too fast.

HOH Competition comes next. “Pop Till You Drop” Here’s how the game works: 2 people go up to a podium with “HOH, POV, and BOB.” A song will play. The songs represent one of the season’s comps. They either have to figure out if the comp was a “HOH, BOB, or POV,” and buzz in. If they get it right they get to choose the next 2 houseguests. If they get the answer wrong, they get eliminated. The 2 new HOH’s are: *drumroll* Jackie and Vanessa. One question: Who’s Jackie?

BB17_Epi 14_HOH Comp

Lastly, they brought back fan favorite Britney Haynes! Julie first asked her about motherhood. Britney makes a sarcastic joke about it being glamorous work, but she loves being a mom. It’s what she was born to do. Britney says this is her favorite seasons because the houseguests are interesting “characters.” She corrects herself about them being people, but we all got the drift Britney. Now onto what she thinks of the players. Julie asks about her favorites. She first says she loves Jason. She thinks he’s hilarious on every episode. She says “Who doesn’t love Johnny Mac?” She enjoys Vanessa as a player because she’s able to get a good read on people. When asked about the twin twist she says she was surprised. When the entire house found out they used it to their advantage instead of targeting them. Her picks to win: Vanessa, Either Shelli or Clay, and she mentions a floater will probably make it. She makes a joke about Jackie winning HOH. She says she just noticed her. “Who is she?” How can you not love Britney?

So, we made it through another eviction. If Liz/Juia can make it till next weeks eviction, they can both enter the house as individual players. Stay tuned, the Summer is not over just because Audrey is gone! 


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