Shocking! Details of Tamra Judge’s Son, Ryan Vieth’s Domestic Assault Arrest Emerge

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The uncovered arrest of the son of “The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Judge, Ryan Vieth, sent shock waves through the viewing audience of the Bravo reality show. Booze and family stress were the  assumed players in Vieth’s domestic violence arrest a few weeks ago, instigated by an episode with his fiancee and baby mama, Sarah Rodriguez. Radar Online is reporting a supposed back story which gives the expression “truth is stranger than fiction” new legs, detailing an insider’s account of what reportedly went down that dramatic night.

“Ryan was sleeping in bed, but his friends were over and they were drinking,” claims the insider to Radar. “Sarah woke him up by pouring water over his head, asking, ‘Do you want to watch me f**k your friend’s girlfriend?”

The source claims that at this point, Ryan made everyone leave the home, but allegedly, the crazy continued.

“Sarah fell walking up the stairs, and Ryan went to grab his cell that he thought was his but was actually hers,” claims the insider.

This is when Vieth discovered that “she was texting three different guys nasty things.”  The tipster continues,

“There was a struggle with the phone and she ran out the front door to a neighbor and said he was beating her.”

The informant noted that the cops showed up in response to a domestic dispute call, and arrested Vieth, but declined to press charges. The source also claims that this Vieth’s suspicions have been raised about aspects of the relationship before, alleging another incident where Sarah was said to have left for a job interview at 5 pm, and was gone for 12 hours. 

What do you think is really going on, as this chaotic reality plot continues to thicken?


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