Explosive Fights, Suicide, 911 Calls — Peek Inside Ramona Singer’s Living Hell with Cheating Husband!

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Another ‘Real Housewife’ is writing a book! But before you dismiss this as yet another non-essential piece of literature from an entitled woman who was handed a book deal, Ramona “the Stinger” Singer is making an attempt to be brutally honest in her memoir, “Life on the Ramonacoaster.” Portions of her memoir that have been “revealed” show a more vulnerable side of Ramona. Guess she decided not to go with Bethenny’s suggestion while in the Turks & Caicos as, “Work in Progress.”

This first excerpt refers to the Summer of 2013 when Ramona first realized Mario’s attentions was elsewhere.

“It started to feel like Mario was more interested in going to parties than hanging out with our married friends,” Ramona wrote. “Looking back, these things all seem like obvious red flags, but at the time I let it all go because I thought, ‘What’s the harm if my husband is happy?’ That was my biggest mistake.”

Mario didn’t attend the RHONY wrap party for season six so he could hang out with a “friend” for the weekend. When he came home, Ramona said she asked if there was another woman. Ramona writes, “He told me no and I believed him.”

Ramona was incredibly trusting of Mario, but she couldn’t ignore what someone told her after Mario attended a party without her. The friend said, “people overheard him arguing with a woman on his cell phone when he was in the men’s room.” Ramona said she was told, “He was screaming at her” on the phone.

Later, when Ramona confronted Mario about the screaming phone call, she describes Mario’s reaction saying he “looked like a deer in headlights.” Ramona further alleges that Mario’s response, if true, was nothing but cruel. “Do you want to know what else I do with her besides talk?”

If you didn’t already dislike Mario, seems after this book is released he may need a PR team because there’s more. On a “forced” trip to Naples, Florida, Ramona claims she “started receiving texts from a woman telling me, in crude and explicit language, that she had just been with my husband in the apartment he was paying for.”

And when Mario refused to end the affair, Ramona couldn’t wrap her mind around who her husband had become.

“I just could not comprehend that this was who he had become,” she writes. “Even now, there’s a part of me that thinks of Mario as dead.”

There are these things called consequences, and one consequence of Mario’s affair is the diminished relationship with his only child, Avery. Apparently things are better now, but at the time, Avery was very protective of her mother. One night she reportedly screamed at Mario. “Don’t come near me. You cheated on Mommy. F*ck you. I hate you.”

During this time, Ramona made the unfortunate decision to surprise Mario at their Hampton’s home. Police were called when Mario tried to block her entry. Ramona said,

“He put his hands on my shoulders and physically pushed me out of the house.” She continues, “Things escalated quickly and I called the police.” Ramona claims that while she didn’t see the other woman (believed to be Kasey Dexter) she heard a female voice say, “Why do we have to be the ones to leave? We just drove for four hours.”

I commend Ramona for not throwing dishes at this brat. One of the more sad entries referred to Ramona’s depression. She writes,

“There were times when I was so low that I almost felt like throwing myself in front of a subway train.” Fortunately, this was a jolt to Ramona’s resilience. She kicked Mario out of the house after she told him, “I can’t be around you. I’m a wreck. I can’t. I just can’t.”

One of Ramona’s regrets was promising Mario she wouldn’t discuss their marriage with Andy Cohen as part of the season six reunion show. “I regret that now,” she admits. “I have always prided myself on being the type of person who speaks openly and honestly about all aspects of my life.”

And where does Ramona place the blame for the demise of her 20-year marriage to Mario? The answer may surprise you. She blames her Pinot Grigio business.

“I think more than the show, it’s the Pinot that really destroyed my marriage.” She explains, “I was filming for five months of the year and then for another five months I was on the road every week.”

Ramona claims Mario was in the “midst of a midlife crisis” due to business struggles when his affair began. “I feel that Mario gave up on himself, on his business, and on us.”

The good news? Ramona may have her story arc that Bethenny said she lacked. Ramona wrote,

“I’ve learned that you just have to face whatever life throws at you head on. Some days I feel strong, other days not so much, but I wake up every morning and put one foot in front of the other until I find that I am moving forward.”


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