Tamra Judge’s Son Ryan Vieth, and Fiancee Sarah Struggle With Old Demons: Sarah Rodriguez’s Dark Past Revealed!  

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The discovery of the arrest of the son of “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Judge, caught most viewers off guard. Ryan Vieth has struggled to stay out of trouble, and the arrest, instigated by an incident with his fiancee and mother of his baby, was not the first time a girlfriend squabble and the law have collided.  

Many viewers are scratching their heads, asking why a woman with three children would commit to a perpetually irresponsible bad boy, and why a self-absorbed young man with stunted maturity, would jump to devote himself to a large family, and a crushing load of responsibility. There has been something unsettling  about this couple, from their hurried social media driven meeting and courtship, to where they sit today, struggling in a pre-marriage, and seemingly volatile relationship. Much has been reported about Ryan, due to his appearances on the Bravo reality show, but little has been revealed about Sarah Rodriguez.


Sarah comes from a shadowy past, and has had her share of scandalous episodes, coloring her background. Court documents reveal that her father, Dennis Rodriguez, was a convicted felon, who was arrested for embezzlement, burglary, and theft of a firearm in 2012. Rodriguez was 53 when he committed suicide in 2013, after shooting another man, and leaving him for dead. There was also a past, documented violent upset between Sarah and the father of her third daughter, Alejandro Bouchez. Court documents reveal that Sarah filed for a restraining order against Bouchez, in 2010, after he tried to push her out of a moving vehicle. Bouchez claimed in the documents that Sarah was “periodically volatile and suicidal” and that she has been hospitalized at least once, for attempted suicide. It is difficult to not to draw a parallel, from a possibly emotionally struggling mother, drawn to a pattern of alleged abuse. Are Sarah and Ryan’s individual patterns repeating themselves?


Sarah co-owns a gun shop in Roseville, California, and has admitted to keeping several firearms in their home. She gave birth five months ago, and is obviously struggling in her relationship with Vieth, along with managing four children. Is this couple being uncovered as two people struggling with personal demons, joined together in a toxic bundle of dangerous stress?   

Tamra Judge finally responded to the report of the arrest via her Instagram account, claiming,

“Everything was DISMISSED.” No CHARGES No violence No injuries. They are still together going through counseling with pastor Mike.”

The arrest report states that a female resident from the address shared by Vieth and Rodriguez claims that she was hit by a man fitting Ryan’s description, and believes her finger to be broken.  What remains unclear are the details surrounding the arrest, and where the core truth of the episode lies. Is Tamra once again making enabling excuses for her son, or could some needy manipulation from Sarah be in the mix? What do you think?


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