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Meghan Edmonds Shocks Viewers With Risky Teen Parenting & Twitter Erupts in Anger!

All About the Tea_Real Housewives of Orange County-season-10

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All About the Tea_Real Housewives of Orange County-season-10

That self proclaimed #coolstepmom strikes again! On last night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” Meghan King Edmonds continues to blindly navigate teen parenting, making naive child’s play out of controversial, high-risk decisions. 

This week she dropped the bomb that she is doling out birth control pills, as well as hundred dollar bills, to her stepdaughter, Hayley EdmondsThe rookie housewife continues to flounder and underestimate weighty choices, as the overwhelming job of leading a teen continues to bury the under qualified, stand-in parent. 

All About the Tea_Real Housewives of Orange County-season-10

Meghan revealed that she does Hayley’s homework, rewards obstinate disobedience with weekly $100 allowances, and gives the sexual green light, by pushing birth control on the young girl. There’s no doubt that this revelation will trigger a jump in Hayley’s popularity with the guys!  It is NO wonder that Hayley thinks Meghan is a #coolstepmom….unfinished homework accompanied by eye rolling is rewarded with cash! 

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Meghan stunned the other OC women with the birth control shocker, immediately bringing questions like “what did her MOM say?” WHY indeed, would such a dicey decision not be tackled by Hayley’s mother, Lee Ann Edmonds Horton?

Social media erupted, with astonished viewers weighing in, with wonderment and shock.



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