RECAP: Married to Medicine – Quad Finally Apologizes to Mariah Huq! [Episode 6]

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This week the “Married to Medicine” producers finally dusted off the footage of Mariah. What took them so long?! The good news is Mariah is healthy, and hopefully we’ll see more of her this season.

The show begins with Dr. Heavenly discussing her mentoring event, Heavenly’s Angels, with her favorite child, Alaura, to instill in girls that they can do and be anything they want. Heavenly asks her daughter if she understands that it’s not right to hit someone else. Alaura says, unless they hit you first (or throw water in your face). Heavenly informs her daughter it’s not right in any situation.

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Toya is all dressed up in fishnet stockings and a white jacket-dress, ready to hold a business meeting with her husband, Dr. Eugene. Obviously Toya is taking this seriously because fishnet is what all the modern women are wearing in the medical field. Eugene feels that his wife lacks marketing experience, to put it nicely, but Toya wants to prove him wrong. Her idea is to add intravenous-vitamin infusions for the person who drank too much the night before. Dr. Eugene is somewhat intrigued.

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Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone are catching up over soup in a cup, discussing the “fun” sex educational presentation they will be giving at Heavenly’s event. Simone fills Jackie in on what went down at the strip club. How the stripper told Lisa Nicole that her man was hanging out there and then Lisa snapping at Jill for setting it up. Simone doesn’t believe Jill had any part in stripper-gate.

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Next, Lisa Nicole is in her typical attire, pajamas, and though she’s pouring sugar in her coffee, there’s no sweetness for Dr. Darren when he walks in the house after a hard, night’s work in the ER. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the phone call from Lisa to Darren on the way home from the strip club, but apparently, Darren admitted to being at Cheetah’s last week. Mmm-hmm. Just the one time last week. Don’t know what that stripper meant by saying it was Darren’s favorite spot. Oh, well. Darren says, “Sometimes husbands go to the strip clubs,” and Lisa says, “Not my husband.”

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Darren explains that it wasn’t his idea to go to the club, it was his brothers’, he simply agreed with the suggestion. Bless his heart. He thinks there’s a difference between the two. But before everyone get’s too judgmental on Darren, he was there for the food, ya’ll. The menu is to die for. Lisa then tells Darren, “God-fearing men don’t go to strip clubs.” He says that many Americans would disagree. Whoa-there, Darren. Before you drag “many Americans” into this, let’s just say that Atlanta gives much respect in this category. However, Lisa gives Darren a lifetime ban in this category. So good luck with that one, you two.

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Over at Quad’s house, she and Dr. Gregory are hanging out. He requests tilapia, rice, and spinach for dinner. You’ll be relieved to know there is not one scratch, scrape or mark on Quad’s face. I guess that oversized bandage did the trick. And news flash! According to Quad, Facebook is for senior citizens. Thankfully, Dr. Gregory didn’t get the memo because it’s where he reads Mariah’s devastating post about her miscarriage of twins. Dr. Gregory encourages his wife to reach out to her.

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The room décor for the Heavenly’s Angels event pleases Heavenly and she’s excited to educate, inspire, and uplift young women – though women of all ages show up. Toya is called on first to assist on the art of giving shade. When Toya is called an ugly, gold-digger by Heavenly, Toya calmly responds to it. And when she’s called a whore, Toya simply walks away, which is surprising because you know if this really happened, shit be going down.

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Lisa arrives late, and as punishment, Heavenly informs the audience the next topic is on cheating. Several women share stories that their men have strayed and they have stayed. It was kind of sad. Lisa gets up to speak, since she’s an unfortunate expert on the subject, and says how hard it is to take someone back and re-establish trust after being cheated on three times (that she knows of). But Lisa is so glad that she gave her man another chance because he is now a changed man. Hallelujah! Praise the lord! And even though Darren is a changed man who Lisa now trusts, he still can’t go to the strip club.

During a break at the very inspirational and uplifting event, Jill asks to speak to Lisa to tell her again she had nothing to do with stripper-gate. Lisa informs Jill that Darren has admitted to being at the club, but doesn’t offer an apology for accusing Jill and making her cry because Lisa really doesn’t care. Next, Jackie and Simone ruin my love for bananas with a condom demonstration.

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At Toya and Dr. Eugene’s house, Dr. Waz, CEO of Nomad MD, shows up for a meeting about Toya’s future involvement with the company. Dr. Waz asks Toya what’s the one thing she would change? Toya says she would first conduct a survey to see what the customers wanted to change. She is hired as a “consultant.” Break out the champagne, momma’s got a job.

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Finally we see Mariah! Quad shows up at her home with balloons, a flower arrangement and tail between her legs. Mariah is wearing an outfit that should be called: green perfection. Quad chokes up when offering her flimsy apology, though no tears actually drop. When Quad tells Mariah about the drama with the other ladies, especially with Lisa, Mariah is not really shocked to learn about the fallout between two “besties.” Quad explains about the water being thrown at her and how she “doesn’t recall” hitting Lisa. Mariah is quick to point out that Quad’s selective amnesia comes in handy a lot. Quad is catching all the shade Mariah is throwing, but at the end of the day, Mariah never ran a background check on Quad. The toast to no more drama.

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Tune in next week when more drama develops after Quad consults with Phaedra Parks from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”


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