Dr. Heavenly Blasts Quad’s Apology! “Quad’s Acting Skills Have Gotten Much Better”

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Yes – Finally! The Queen B has returned to her hive! Mariah Huq made her season 3 debut last night and the queen did not disappoint.

In the episode, Quad extends an olive branch (and balloons) to Mariah after her miscarriage and the meeting turns into a shadefest. Mariah reminds Quad she went shopping in the graveyard for her new bestie (Lisa Nicole). Quad apologizes but Mariah remains very skeptical about Quad’s sincerity.

Also questioning Quad’s sincerity is Dr. Heavenly who took to her Bravo blog to put Quad’s “acting skills” on blast! Heavenly wrote,

“I’m so very happy Mariah is okay. She has been through a lot. I honestly think Quad cares for her dearly, however I think Quad has realized she was wrong and that she has made a mess of the group, so she is reaching out to a safe place for herself. Quad’s acting skills have also gotten so much better. She must be taking classes.”

We caught that shade. Heavenly goes on to further expose Quad as “mean-spirited” and “bitter,” pointing out Quad is not the type of person to move pass the drama.

“I think forgiveness is necessary in any relationship. It has been said, it’s not for the other person. Maybe this was why Quad has been so mean-spirited and bitter. Hopefully we can all move forward and move past all the drama. Maybe she will let this pass and move forward with the positive. However, knowing Quad, there isn’t a chance in hell she will.”


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