Married to Medicine Drama: Quad Lunceford-Webb and Mariah Huq Finally Reunite – Watch Video!

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Married to Medicine_Quad_and_Mariah_Finally_Reunite

The “Married to Medicine” drama returns tonight and the ladies are still reeling from her visit to the strip club, Lisa confronts her husband in order to discover the truth. Meanwhile, through laughter and tears, Mariah and Quad try their best to mend their relationship but aren’t sure if they can dive back into their friendship. Mariah is clearly apprehensive and leery of Quad’s intentions. I can’t say I blame her. 

Also in tonight’s episode, in hopes of being a supportive wife, Toya tries to get involved with her husband’s new business venture. And always the ones to inform and enlighten, Simone and Jackie demonstrate safe-sex techniques that embarrass some of the ladies and perks the interest of others.

And this happened….Heavenly throws major shade at Toya when assist her with teaching young girls a lesson, Toya probably didn’t have this in mind.


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