Countess Luann is “Angry” with Heather Thomson and Feels Her Privacy Was Not Respected!

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Luann de Lesseps, star of the “Real Housewives of New York” is angry her privacy was not respected by Heather Thomson and her “sidekick” Carole during the naked man debacle in the Turks & Caicos. Luann took to her Bravo blog to vent her frustrations. She begins by describing the morning the blowout ensued.

“The next morning, the sh– hit the fan in our villa when Heather stumbled naked into the bathroom and discovered one of our friends from the night before sleeping au naturel! I had no idea that Ramona let her friend sleep upstairs. Thank God I sent mine home. That’s a first! The man wasn’t in Heather’s bedroom; he was in another room separated by a bathroom!”

Luann de Lesseps mentions above Heather slept in the nude. That’s interesting considering Carole and Heather shared a bed in the Turks & Caicos. Hmmm…Ok. Moving on to how the duo accosted Dorinda in the staircase,

“Poor Dorinda didn’t make it down the stairs before being accosted by Heather and her sidekick Carole, whose reaction was over the top. Dorinda hadn’t had a chance to put her contacts in, never mind process what happened the night before. Then the hysterical duo decided to confront Ramona, and she, as usual, punted the problem off to me!”

Luann goes on to express feeling disrespected and her privacy disregarded by Heather and Carole barging into her room and yelling at her like a child,

“Heather and Carole then barged into my room, yelling about our overnight houseguest. They may have knocked, but I can assure you, they didn’t wait for an answer before running into my room. I could have been swinging from a chandelier with a guy on my back for all they knew! Instead, they found just me, tired from a really fun night, but it could have ended up differently. I was angry that they didn’t respect my privacy.”

The RHONY vet breaks down what led to her now infamous,“Be cool. Don’t be all uncool” moment.

“I’m single, and I can do what I like with whom I like, and it’s none of their business. Once I arose and came out to the kitchen for a much-needed caffeine jolt, Heather launched into me again and that was when I’d had enough of her histrionics and told her, “Don’t be all uncool.” We were on vacation, and I’m not married or in a serious relationship. As for the man I was flirting with being married, I can assure you his marriage vows are still intact!”



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