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Busted! Joe Giudice Caught on Another Date While His Wife Sits Helpless in The Pokey

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You would think being under the constant microscope of paparazzi, nosey neighbors and camera crews, Joe Giudice, wouldn’t have the time or opportunity to cheat on his wife, Teresa Giudice, who is currently behind bars serving her part of their fraud sentences. But alas, another day, another story of Joe cheating is emerging “that Joe has been spotted out partying it up again with a strip club employee.”

The insider, one of Teresa’s “friends,” said the rendezvous reportedly occurred in June after Gia’s middle school graduation ceremony that Joe attended with family.

“When Joe was done with Gia’s graduation, instead of staying with his family, he took his friend on a date to ‘Rare The Steak House’ in Little Falls, NJ.” The friend continued, “They were partying their butts off. They were drinking wine and he was acting cozy enough with her that people took notice and were appalled.”According to Radar OnLine.

Appalling behavior by Joe Giudice? Say it isn’t so. Joe and the stripper, who have been spotted together before, were said to have arrived at the restaurant around 8:30pm and did not leave until “late in the evening.” This steak house is supposed to be a “regular hot spot” for Joe and one that he previously frequented with Teresa.

The source continued to say that the girls are “devastated” by Teresa’s absence. “Gia and Gabriella know what’s going on. The younger ones have meltdowns, especially when Joe goes out a lot, crying, ‘When is mommy coming home?’”

And ever more heartbreaking is that Gia covers up the truth about her father’s MIA behavior to protect Teresa.

“She’s emailing Teresa telling her that Joe’s out, but not saying he’s out with a girl,” the source said. “Gia is trying to protect her mother because Teresa is in jail and Gia doesn’t want her to get physically ill over it, so she’s trying to cover it up.”

Eventually Teresa hears the stories about Joe and knows everything her husband is up to.

“Teresa reads magazines and watches TV, and there are a lot of snitches, so she knows everything that’s going on.” The friend explained, “First to start out with the fact that he’s leaving the girls all the time, that made her furious. And then to find out that it’s with the same girl that he keeps meeting — this young girl that he met at a strip club — she’s finally getting it in her head that he’s been cheating on her.”

Joe is keeping busy these days reportedly filming their new Bravo reality TV show. Time will tell if we see the kind of dad Joe really is.


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