RECAP: #BigBrother17 – Austin Foils Vanessa’s Plan [Episode 10]

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The house drama hits a fever pitch. The paranoia is contagious! The target keeps shifting, and Audrey seems to have 9 lives.

Well, Jason/Meg win the Battle of the Block comp. Predictable. Johnny Mac is quickly becoming the go-to-guy for this now. He seems pretty ok with this role. Jason celebrates his win! “Sorry not sorry boys!” Johnny Mac asks Vanessa if James threw the Battle of the Block comp. Vanessa says no, I think he just sucked. Vanessa’s plan is progressing. She wants to target James or Jeff. She’s pushing for James because he’s better at competitions. Vanessa says the house wants Audrey gone, but that’s not what’s good for her game.

James says he lost, but he’s not really worried. He thinks the target is still on Audrey. He then takes it back and says he’ll be worried until Vanessa puts Audrey on the block.

Vanessa asks Clay if Jeff or James is onto her plan. Clay says no. Clay asks Vanessa who she wants gone. Vanessa says she wants James gone. She wants to keep the nominations the same, and send James out the door because he’s better at comps.

It’s twin twist time. Liz fills Julia in and tells her to be more bubbly. Julia gets annoyed and says she’s not going to do that. Liz tells her to be more friendly.

Audrey goes up to the HOH room to check in with Vanessa and Austin. She asks if she should be worried. Austin reassures her she has nothing to worry about. She’s 100% safe. Vanessa tells Audrey she wants to work with her. They actually tell her they want her to win the veto. Best case scenario: Audrey wins the veto. Austin says (in his DR) it’s best to keep Audrey safe right now, and make her think they’re working together. He’s sure he’ll take care of her later. After hearing Vanessa saying her target is James he says Jeff is a bigger target, but it’s Vanessa’s HOH. He just has to go along with her.

Jeff heads up to check in Austin. Austin makes Jeff believe the target is still Audrey. Jeff tells Austin he loves Clay, but Shelli is messing him up. He then changes the subject and starts talking to Austin about Julia/Liz’s differences. Austin says Jeff’s mouth is digging him a grave.

Vanessa, Shelli, Johnny Mac, Austin, James, and Audrey all picked to play in the Power of Veto Competition. Becky is hosting. Jason is “mortified” Audrey was picked to play in the veto. Vanessa/Austin tell Audrey their alliance (Shelli, Austin, Vanessa) will try and throw the veto to her. Vanessa really wants the nominations to stay the same. The competition is a big casino game. Becky is hosting. It’s called Gronk and Roll match. This is how the comp goes: Becky (the host) spins the wheel. They get into a cage that looks like a dice. They have to get their dice onto their platform with the number that matches the number Becky’s wheel landed on up. 1st Match-Audrey vs. Vanessa: Audrey wins (Vanessa threw the comp) 2nd Match- Johnny Mac vs. Audrey: Johnny Mac wins. 3rd Round- James vs. Austin: Austin wins. (He’s a tumbler and a yoga guru so his strategy is to leap like a frog, but he just looks like an animal in a cage) 4th Round- Shelli vs. Austin: Austin wins. Final Round- Johnny Mac vs. Austin: (Austin felt like he shouldn’t win the veto) Johnny Mac wins. He’s elated and makes the veto talk.

Johnny Mac says he’s tired of being a pawn. James tells Johnny Mac he didn’t want to be on the block next to him. Johnny Mac thinks James is feeling way too safe after James tells him he didn’t worry about winning after Audrey was eliminated.

Vanessa is very upset with Austin. She said her IQ tells her Austin threw the veto. Austin tells her he didn’t throw it. Vanessa says she really wants to get James out. She breaks down and says she was counting on Austin. She now has to make a decision. Austin admits he screwed up.

Vanessa gathers everyone in the living room. Since it’s “Gronk twist week” anytime Gronk calls them to a party, they have to show up or become a have-not. (Gronk said no have-nots this week) They had a Toga Party, a Pool Party, a Shower Party, a New Years Eve Party (they had to kiss someone at “midnight” James and Clay kissed,) a Costume Party, a Kitchen Party, a Limbo Party, A Conga Party, and a Hot Tub Party. They got tired of these “parties.” Gronk has bad timing. He loved to bug them while they were sleeping.

Jeff checks in with HOH Vanessa. She says she’s struggling to make the right decision for her game, and to try and make people happy. She wants to keep Audrey safe because she’s a spokeswoman for the Transgender community. Vanessa admits James might be her target. Jeff is mad because Audrey starts all kinds of drama.

James, Jeff, and Clay are hanging out in the backyard. After Jeff’s conversation with Vanessa he tells them Audrey has Vanessa brainwashed. He’s not feeling good about his talk with Vanessa.

As Austin approaches, Jeff asks how the focus shifted from Audrey to James. Austin acts stupid. He tries to act like he really wants to figure out what’s going on and he storms inside. Jason tells Jeff Austin is a big liar. He knew who the target was. He could see it in his eyes.

Jeff pulls Clay aside and tells him Austin has been throwing him under the bus. He’s a big target and he has to go. Clay goes to Austin and tells him Jeff’s throwing him under the bus. Austin gets mad and storms up to the HOH. Vanessa tells him to call Jeff out. Vanessa calls it “operation expose Jeff.” They’re looking for a reason to give Jeff the backdoor treatment. Austin asks Jeff if he threw him under the bus. Jeff denies it looking confused. Austin/Vanessa confront Jeff on throwing Clay/Shelli under the bus with the happy showmance sitting right there. Vanessa gets all in Jeff’s face calling him a liar, and it turns into a big mess. Vanessa now has a reason to put up Jeff. Jeff is just confused because he has 3 people coming at him.

The BB Takeover music comes on. Everyone runs to the living room. Gronk comes on the screen and says he likes winners. Winners of the comps this week are now competing in a luxury competition. They line up behind a table with cups full of liquid. They each drink a cup of whatever’s in the cup to see who won. Meg wins a cruise on the “Gronk Party Ship.”

Time for POV Ceremony. Of course Johnny Mac is taking himself off the block, but everything pauses for a second. It’s time for a Gronk Living Room Party. The ceremony resumes. After Johnny Mac takes himself off, Vanessa stands up and gives a little speech of her own. This person crossed a line and compromised her dignity, and integrity..blah blah. Jeff goes up as a replacement. Operation expose Jeff is complete.

Thursday is eviction night. Will it be Jeff or James?


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