Hot Tea Alert: Carole Radziwill Reveals Luann de Lesseps Lunged at Her at The #RHONY Reunion

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RHONY_Heather and Carole

Carole Radziwill and Heather Thomson, stars of “The Real Housewives of New York,” were in the clubhouse with Andy Cohen Tuesday night. The Turks and Caicos vacation ended with a frenzied fight among the women, Carole running from room to room in tears, and Ramona hiding out under the covers. The ladies were on hand to dish it out with Andy.

Andy began by asking Carole how she felt about being called “Heather’s pet” by Bethenny. Carole said, “I didn’t like that. And anyone that knows us, knows that’s so stupid.” Heather added her two cents, “It’s either I’m her pet or she’s mine… we’re actually just friends with a bond.”

And how did Heather reply to the viewer poll claiming she’s a know-it-all. “I think that may come from my three seasons on the show.” Thomson added. “I’m matter of fact about things and I tell it like it is and I tell it like I see it, so I own it. I know a lot but I don’t know it all.”

Or are we talking about her separated-at-birth twin, Bethenny? Moving on, Andy brought up the arguments between Heather and Dorinda, and Heather admitted she doesn’t understand what Dorinda was so upset about. She continued, “Then she takes to Twitter and is really mean.” According to Heather, Dorinda is very different on-camera than off-camera, but she enjoys her company.

On the subject of naked guy, Carole and Heather insisted “they didn’t break girl-code.” Heather explained that if the guy had woken up with Ramona, she wouldn’t have cared. I happen to think Heather still would have cared, but it turns out, naked guy was Scottish and had just arrived in the T&C before he having the misfortune chance to run into the housewives. As for Heather’s tears, she was “startled” and “frustrated.”

A caller asked why Ramona wasn’t held accountable for allowing the guy to sleep upstairs. Heather said that it’s hard to stay mad at Ramona because she’s very talented at being “The Apologizer.” Carole said she holds Luann accountable for blowing her own cover by admitting that she brings random guys home.

The next caller asked Heather why she is always kissing Bethenny Frankel’s ass. “I don’t think that I do kiss Bethenny’s ass,” Heather said in denial. “I think that my nurturing side is abrasive to her.”

And if you’re wondering if Carole and Adam are still dating? Wonder no more. Carole said, “Yes, we are still seeing each other. He’s here tonight and we are having a lot of fun and it’s not much more complicated than that.”

Can you say, friends with benefits? The last caller asked Carole what her friendship status is with LuAnn. “We’re not really friends at all,” she admitted. “I haven’t seen Luann since we stopped filming. She got very ugly at the reunion… she lunged at me at one point.”

Wow! This is going to be some reunion show.


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