RECAP: Real Housewives of Orange County “Tamra’s a Grandmother!” [Episode 6]

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Last night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” had a huge surprise. It’s not that Tamra becomes a grandmother. It’s that none of the housewives argue in this episode! As Vicki would say, woo-hoo! The show was respectful to death and gave hope with a birth, but in the end I found myself saying, darn that forgotten dress!

We begin with Tamra packing to witness the birth of her first grandchild. She and her mom reminisce about Ryan and how his life has changed with the aid of Bravo flashbacks. The baby is being delivered via C-section on the same day as Vicki’s mom’s funeral, so Tamra cannot attend with Vicki. This promotes Tamra and her mother to have that tough talk about final wishes, but most importantly, Tamra is super excited to be OC’s hottest grandma.


Meghan is spending the day with her step-daughter Hayley attempting paddle board yoga. This not only looks ridiculous, it is ridiculous. Meghan feels that since she’s closer in age to Hayley, she can relate better to her than her mother. Meghan then screws up her pose and nearly face-plants the paddle board, falling into the ocean. Sweet, sweet justice. Meghan gets teary-eyed in heart-to-heart with Hayley, discussing the unfortunate truth that her mother, Lee Ann, will not beat the cancer. Hayley responds maturely and matter-of-factly about the circle of life.


Heather and Lizzie meet for drinks and appetizers to dish on Vicki. Heather describes the guttural cries bellowing deep within Vicky at bunko when she learned that her mother had passed. And that’s all that happens there. 


Over at Vicki’s house, she is completely distraught and Brooks is doing his best to comfort her. Tamra and Eddie stop by to hug, cry and pray. The saddest part was learning that Brooks couldn’t attend the funeral, and not because of his cancer, because nobody likes him.


Back to Heather’s house, she is trying to get son Nicky to build a model of Monticello and Terry is trying to get daughter Coco to give him a kiss. Neither are having any luck.

We switch to the not-so happy couple, Shannon and David, who have just returned from some kind of counseling. They explain to their three girls that they learned parents should listen to their kids. Stella then says, “Daddy,” about 25 times and David never looks up once, consumed with moving furniture. In a Talking Head, Shannon explains that she asked David to compile a list of restaurants he went to with his mistress. Why, Shannon? Why torture yourself?


There is this weird scene in the kitchen when the Beador’s daughter walks in the kitchen when things are getting tense, but David insists on closing the door to the butler pantry, cutting he and Shannon off from their daughter and us. We don’t know what went on behind closed doors, but here’s what happened in my mind:

Shannon: Why are you shutting the door, David?

David: To stop the crazy train you are about to get on.

Shannon: David, I want you to compile a list of furniture that you and your mistress had sex on.

David: What? Why?

Shannon: I need to discover more of the betrayals you committed.

David: Shannon, please take some homeopathic medicine and go to bed.


Moving on to Ryan’s home in Roseville, CA. Fiancé Sarah has three daughters and a fourth on the way. Everyone is excited. Tamra isn’t making the moment about her for once. Sarah is nervous and Ryan is too, though he’s quiet about it. He’s about to be forced into manhood/fatherhood, ready or not. Baby Ava arrives with healthy lungs and ten fingers and ten toes.


Tamra cries as she holds the baby, unable to believe she’s a grandma.


Meghan and Hayley’s mom, Lee Ann (Jim’s first wife), are getting the hotel suite ready for Hayley and her friends to use before the winter formal. But Hayley’s forgotten her dress. Jim arrives with Lee Ann’s husband, Donny, and it’s really nice to see the adults getting along so well. Hayley and her friends arrive – minus the dress – and she blames her mom. Jim puts Hayley in her place, but when Hayley gets mad at her mom again, this time for forgetting Hayley’s medicine, it’s a little hard to watch. Lee Ann looks great! Can you imagine having cancer and being asked to be on the RHOC?

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 1.32.48 AM

Lee Ann and Meghan make the surprise announcement that a professional photographer has been hired to mark the event. Hayley’s friends are excited, but Hayley is not. Unfortunately there is no sunset at the beach and Hayley doesn’t really want to be doing this. She makes a bratty comment when taking the picture (that she will cherish for the rest of her life) with her parents and stepparents. This is a young woman in pain and I want to hug her.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 1.35.44 AM

Vicki has returned from her mother’s funeral and is still reeling from the pain. Shannon stops by with her homeopathic medicine to help Vicki feel better. Vicki thanks her, but is more interested in seeing a median/medium. This helped her after her father died when Vicki learned that her dad liked to move a picture frame and sing like a bird. Shannon is all for it (no surprise there) if it brings Vicki peace.


It’s time for Tamra to go back to the OC. She doesn’t want to leave and tells Ryan to send her pictures of the baby everyday. They discuss that little Ava is Ryan’s motivation to become a better man. A flashback is shown from 2009 of Ryan telling Tamra he’ll be spending some time in jail, making me think that Bravo doesn’t hold high hopes for “project better man.” Tamra wants Ryan to move back to the OC and is prepared to help financially to make this happen – even if Eddie doesn’t know this yet.



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