Q&A Today with Wendy Feldman – 11:00 am ET – Agenda Enclosed!

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All About the Tea is introducing a new Q&A series featuring celebrity Crisis Manager, Wendy FeldmanThe series is called “Conversation with Wendy Feldman” and each week Wendy will answer poster questions about a variety of hot button issues. 

Today’s Agenda:

  • Reality TV
  • Teresa Giudice – Prison Diary
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Wife Swap

Wendy Feldman is the leading expert on Alternative Sentencing today. The ultimate insider, Wendy is well established with various media outlets and also has a solid reputation in courts all over the country. As a coach she works with people to prepare for court, investigations, incarceration, alternative sentences and most importantly, re-entry into society.

The live Q&A will start at 11:00 a.m. ET Today. Please leave questions for Wendy beforehand in the comment section below. 

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