Meghan Edmonds Shoves Husband’s Ex-Wife, Lee Ann Edmonds in a Premature Grave!

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Tamra Judge is saved, and just in time to make room for the new “The Real Housewives of Orange County” mean girl, Meghan King Edmonds! On last night’s episode of RHOC, the rookie housewife unleashed some disturbing behavior when she repeatedly made inappropriate dark comments targeted at her husband’s ill ex-wife. 

“It’s important we capture moments like this.” Adding, ” I don’t know how many more we’ll have like this.”

Jim Edmonds’ ex-wife, Lee Ann Edmonds Horton, has been in an ongoing battle with cancer. Horton is Jim’s first wife, and mother to two of his four children – daughters Lauren and Hayley. Lee Ann appeared on last night’s episode, and along with Meghan, helped her daughter Hayley prepare for a Winter Formal dance. Lee Ann and the newbie reality bride have been portrayed as friendly, which made the callous, one-foot-in-the grave remarks spewed by Meghan, come as a shocker to many viewers. 

“This could be the last formal Lee Ann helps Hayley with”

Meghan seems to be determined to stake her position as #cool stepmom, but social media called foul on her assumption, as Twitter erupted in anger at the numerous and insensitive “when Lee Ann dies” remarks. Check out some of the tweets below.

Meghan Edmonds_RHOC Meghan Edmonds_RHOC Meghan Edmonds_RHOC Meghan Edmonds_RHOC Meghan Edmonds_RHOC Meghan Edmonds_RHOC

Meghan Edmonds has jumped from a ditzy bore to a heartless windbag in one episode. Not so #cool stepmom, Meghan!


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