Exclusive Interview: Cynthia Bailey Dishes on NeNe Leakes Exit, Claudia Jordan Returning & #RHOA Drama

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Cynthia Bailey, star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” got an opportunity to show viewers her outspoken side during season 7. In an exclusive interview with All About the Tea, Cynthia opens up about the departure of her former friend NeNe Leakes, Claudia Jordan leaving rumors, RHOA casting  and more!

The supermodel, wife, mother, and entrepreneur keeps herself busy with her business, ‘The Bailey Agency School of Fashion’ dominating many hours of her day, she continues to seek out and inspire Atlanta’s most promising talent. Read our interview below:

What was your reaction to NeNe Leakes leaving the show, and how do you think that will change the dynamics of RHOA?  

“NeNe will always be the original Atlanta Housewife. She was the first person that I met on the show. We became great friends, and supported each other for years. When I heard she was leaving the show, I sent her a text to congratulate her, and wish her well. I applaud her for stepping out, and exploring new opportunities. It is the only way you can evolve, and grow.”

Did NeNe reach out to you after the emotional season 7 reunion?

“NeNe sent me a very sweet text after the reunion to thank me for being by her side during her emotional breakdown. My reaction to her was genuine, and sincere. It meant a lot to me that she acknowledged it, and appreciated it.”

Rumors are circulating that Claudia Jordan may not be asked back….have casting decisions been finalized for the upcoming season?

“I really like Claudia, and I thought she was a great addition to the show. She is a wild card, and is unpredictable. You never know what to expect from her. She came on the show as Kenya’s friend, and ended up being a housewife. That has never happened before. Claudia was born for reality TV! I would love to see her back this season.”

What aspects of an exciting new season, and fresh cast dynamics are you looking forward to? 

“I do not know whether or not casting for the show has officially closed. I have no idea. With NeNe leaving, we have some big shoes to fill. I hope to see a couple of new faces, and some huge personalities. The dynamics change every time a old housewife leaves, and a new one comes. All these new changes will force the show to go in a different direction.”

What sort of changes would you like to see shake up Season 8?

“I think that seeing relationships with all the ladies whether they are married or not is important. When the men are with us, it always changes the conversation. We need that because this is no longer a show for just women. Men watch the show as well. The male prospective has become more relevant, and necessary.”

If you could go back and change any one of your “Housewife” moments, which moment would it be?  

“I wouldn’t change anything because I have learned so much about myself. The most important thing that I have learned is how to exist outside my comfort zone, and be fearless. Every year there has been a new lesson.”

What is the greatest challenge you face while having your family on board for the Atlanta reality ride? 

“The greatest challenge that I face by having my family on this ride with me is making sure we always put the best interest of each other first. My family means everything to me, and I have to protect that.”

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star recently added eyewear designer to her resume as well! Cynthia teamed up with Celebrity Eyewear Stylist and Fashion Brand Guru, Tiffany Williams, CEO of Eye Candy Creations and NYC based Menizzi Italy Eyewear to design, manufacture and distribute an exclusive eyewear collection. Please check out her stylish and chic eyewear collection on her website.


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