RECAP: #BigBrother17 — Nominations and Battle of The Block [Episode 9]

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It’s been crazy in the Big Brother house! Let’s get started!

Reactions about HOH are mixed. Audrey calls Vanessa a wild card. Vanessa is excited because not only is she HOH with her ally Austin, but right before the last eviction she found out some very valuable information.

The twin twist is exposed! Liz/Julia confirm first to Vanessa she indeed has a twin. Liz/Julia felt like they could trust Vanessa because Vanessa went straight to them and said- hey people are saying you’re a twin! Is this true? All this happened 5 hours before the last eviction. Then, thinking this is wonderful for her game, Vanessa decides she can form an alliance. If they keep the twins safe for 3 more evictions, they have another number on their side. So, since she trusted Shelli/Clay last week she goes up to the HOH room with Liz/Julia, and confirms Liz is playing with a twin. After all the excitement dies down a bit (Shelli was jumping up and down about being sorority sisters) Shelli/Clay/Vanessa/Liz/Julia/Austin decide to form an alliance together. They tell Julia/Liz never be alone with Jason/Audrey/James/Jeff.

Poor Austin had no clue Liz was playing with a twin. He happened to be crushing on one of the twins. (Liz I think) He was wondering why Liz was hot and cold with him a lot. He was dumbfounded to say the least, but at the end of the day he was excited about their new alliance. Austin “I’m an idiot.” He says he wishes he was a better detective. Shelli tells Austin he needs to start paying attention to details. Austin confesses to Julia he really didn’t know. They fooled him.

Julia/Liz feel excellent and awesome about Vanessa/Austin being HOH. Jason feels insecure because he’s never talked game with her. Jeff/Jason/James/Meg all hang out to discuss talking to Austin about nominations. Jeff says he thought Vanessa was HOH. They laugh and tell him there are 2 HOH’s. James is really scared because he has no idea what Vanessa or Austin will do. He confesses “He’s shaking in his boots.”

James/Jeff agree last week sucked. This week Vanessa/Austin should do what the house wants and finally send Audrey home. Both are nervous.

Vanessa/Austin get their HOH room. Yes, the lame “Who wants to see our HOH room?” When they get their HOH room, Austin is excited about the music he got. Clay Aiken. Yes, tough Austin has a soft spot, and it’s cute how he blushes about it. Vanessa is excited to see pictures of her hot girlfriend, Austin gets a bunch of baby pictures. 

Now, it’s time to talk some game. Austin says the house really wants Audrey out, but he has other plans. When he talks to Vanessa, she makes it clear she wants to target Jason/James/Jeff. Vanessa zeros in on Jeff. Austin wants Audrey to stay because she’s his meat shield. Vanessa says strategically Jeff has a great social game, and he’s a great salesman. “He could sell ice to Eskimos.” Vanessa suggests they put James up and then backdoor Jeff. Austin says he can always act like he didn’t know she what she had planned. They also agree it’s good for Vanessa to stay HOH, and do all the dirty work. Austin has more of a relationship with “these people.”

The twins switch again. Julia tells Liz about their new alliance. She fills  Liz in on how people noticed one of them is skinner. Liz re-enters the house and immediately reunited with her new alliance. She’s really excited. Vanessa tells Liz she needs to work out more and no more gummy bears. It’s damage control week. Shelli goes up to see Liz and she’s happier than bees with honey. Shelli says Julia/Liz are a 2 for 1, but it’s really risky for their game.

Steve/Clay are playing ball in the backyard. They decide to take a break and sit on the hammock. They promptly fall off. This was funny like 10 seasons ago.

Jeff/Johnny Mac/James/Jackie are all hanging out in the bedrooms. Johnny Mac says he saw a crown on Liz/Julia’s #9 tooth. Seeing double? So, they all file up to the HOH room so Johnny Mac can get a closer look. He tries to get Liz/Julia to smile with a game, but she doesn’t fall for it. Liz/Julia tell Jeff he’s being shady. Johnny Mac knows there’s something suspicious about Liz/Julia. Jeff calls Johnny Mac a genius for figuring that out. He’s a dentist. He’s trained to notice stuff like that.

Jeff tells Austin he knows Liz has a twin. Of course Austin already knew all this info, but he acts surprised. Jeff is trying to show Austin he has some loyalty. He doesn’t realize Austin’s loyalties aren’t with him at all. He totally falls for Austin’s act. Jeff says one has a crush on Austin and one of them has a crush on Jeff. He tells Austin Johnny Mac was looking for a crown. Pushing this twin theory only made Jeff a bigger target in Austin’s eyes.

Austin/Vanessa talk more game. They agree to target James/Jeff. Vanessa says she puts one of them with someone who will throw it, and 2 pawns on the other side who can win the competition. They automatically think of Johnny Mac. They pull Johnny Mac up to the HOH room, and make a deal with him. Austin/Vanessa pitch this to him: he’s safe through final 10. No pawns. No nominations. No backdoors. Johnny Mac is cool about it and agrees.

It’s nomination ceremony time. Austin and his ugly top hat goes first. He nominates Meg/Jason. He tells them simply he wants them to prove themselves, but hints of a bigger plan. Vanessa nominates James/Johnny Mac. She acknowledges Jame’s maturity during his HOH, and says this is purely a game move. Johnny Mac was just mad his picture wasn’t in it’s usual spot. Johnny Mac’s DR’s are AMAZING!

After nomination ceremony, Jason walks by and Austin offers him a hug. James tells him no, and gives him the cold shoulder. Austin, Jason, and Meg talk in the hammock room. Jason says in his DR “He doesn’t trust anything with a penis.” Austin hints of a bigger plan, but of course Jason/Meg still think Audrey is their backdoor plan.

Meg/Jason discuss Battle of the Block. Meg says there are things they can win: bedazzling backpacks, or cooking a frittata. She’s nervous about Battle of the Block.

It’s Battle of the Block time. It’s a giant foam party with party guests! They have to run to lost and found, pick up a piece of clothing, then run and find the model it belongs to. After they do that, they have to bring the model to their VIP section. The catch is there is a maze in the foam. James just sucks at this, so Johnny Mac really didn’t have to try very hard to throw it. In the end, Jason/Meg predictably wins BOB.

Will this backdoor Jeff plan be completed? Who will win POV? Find out on Wednesday. Remember there are 24/7 unedited feeds (and drama!)


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