Quad Webb-Lunceford’s Husband Calls Her Out For Inflating Fight Injuries; Lisa Nicole Lied About The Reason She Ran The Background Check

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Married to Medicine_Quad_Is_Still_Reeling_From_Her_Lunch_With_Li

The “Married to Medicine” drama returns tonight and the ladies are dealing with the fallout of Quad Webb-Lunceford and Lisa Nicole Cloud’s violent fight over dueling background checks. In order to regroup, Quad decides taking a break from the ladies is her best option.

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Also in tonight’s episode, Dr. Jackie goes into drill sergeant mode to snap Simone out of her bad junk food habits. Meanwhile, some of the ladies decide to spend some quality time at a strip club but it’s not all fun and games when Lisa Nicole learns that the establishment is one of her husband’s habitual stomping grounds.


In a newly released preview below, Quad is sporting a huge bandage on the left side of her face as she recounts the incident to her husband. Quad claims Lisa Nicole threw water in her face and hit her cheek with a piece of glass. Dr. Gregory is relieved that her injuries weren’t worse but Quad stresses she’s INJURED! 


In a twist, Lisa Nicole is admitting she LIED about the reason she ran a background check on Quad. In an interview with Talking With Tami, Lisa Nicole comes clean about her true intentions for checking her former friend’s background. 

“Reality TV is a business, and as I’ve always said, it was never personal. It was a business decision.” Lisa Nicole continues, “I did a background check on three of the cast mates because I did not know them from a can of paint and I wanted to see who I was on a show with.”

Initially Lisa Nicole claimed she did the background check because she was exploring investing in Quad’s doggie couture business and wanted to look more into her past. 

Lisa Nicole also spilled that she conducted additional background checks on Dr. Heavenly Kimes as well as Mariah Huq. She confessed she apologized to the ladies and Quad was willing to move pass the drama at first but then Quad decided to rehash the drama for “a controversial storyline this season,” according to Lisa Nicole.

Don’t miss “Married to Medicine” tonight at 9|8c on Bravo.


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