EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Robin Dyke of Bravo’s “Mother Funders”

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School is in session for Bravo’s new reality show “Mother Funders,” which airs on Sundays on Bravo TV. The show follows a passionate Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) in the small Georgia town, this group holds benefits to raise and donate money to their kids’ local elementary school. Run like a corporation, President Carla Stephens keeps a watchful eye on her fellow board members. And despite their personalities, disagreements and outbursts, these ladies have their sights set high to raise and donate $100,000, through lavish fundraising events from a Black Tie Gala to a Pink Pajama party.


I had the pleasure of chatting with PTO, Volunteer Coordinator, Robin Dyke. Her expertise in fundraising and marketing is a force to be reckoned with and her efforts bring in big checks and big smiles. A true Southern girl, Robin loves to socialize and enjoys the outdoors. She is wife to her husband Jason and devoted mother to her three children Kassi, Joseph and Jackson. 

Read our interview with Robin below:

Who created the concept of the show? And what made you decide to do this type of show: “Working with Carla in the past, we’ve always had a larger than life view of how we can help this school and how we can take the PTO to another level. This PTO doesn’t have a huge voice. We thought this could get some discussion started about how much work goes in to helping the local schools and shed a light on that.”

On her strong marketing and fundraising background: “I have a marketing background. I started in sales when I was young. Growing up in a huge family, you have to raise money to go to camp, etc. Then later I went to school and focused on marketing. I started out in sales then transitioned into the marketing side. After 60-70 hour work weeks and the kids started school. I started sub contracting for those businesses as needed. I would help them run campaigns.”

On why the Henry County School District in McDonough, Ga not supporting the show: “When I hear some people are not happy with it. I know the beautiful parts of our town, our county and the hearts of the people in it will show through and then those opinions will start evolving.  When they watch and see how hard we’ve worked to not only incorporate the businesses and people of our area into these fun events but also giving them the platform they need to reach the parents and give back, I think some of those opinions will start changing for the better.”

Is Robin friends with any of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” or “Married to Medicine” ladies: “I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Quad (Married to Medicine). I am a dog trainer and a dog walker, so we have the dog connection. I met Dr. Jackie and she’s impressive, she has some patience and decorum about her that I find attractive. I’ve also met Kim Zolciak at a football game and she was really cool. And I’ve met Kandi Burruss….that was REALLY cool because I REALLY like her.”

Make sure to watch Robin Dyke and all of the “Mother Funders,” every Sunday on Bravo at 10:00 p.m. ET.


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