RECAP: #BigBrother17 — Second Eviction [Episode 8]

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It’s that time of the week again. Eviction night. It’s Bubbly Meg against Sassy Da’Vonne. Will Da’Vonne be able to save herself, and how the hell did Audrey make it through the week untouched? Can you believe all this drama and we’re only at the end of week 2?

Right after the POV ceremony, Da’Vonne calls everyone cowards. No one will vote against Meg. Meg is upset because she says Da’Vonne is full of kindness. Jason feels like his soul is crushed because she’s his number 1. Someone unlikely to cry over Da’vonne leaving? Shelli. She’s upset because it’s her who’s sending Da’vonne home. She knows Da’Vonne will come after her eventually, but it hurts because she loves Da’vonne. Meg/Jason/Meg are hoping for some twist that would save both Meg and Da’Vonne.

“The Last Laugh” Twist, and who answered that 7th call? We know, from Kathy herself, the houseguest who answers the 7th call will be able to nullify 3 votes on eviction night. If there was ever a BB God out there I’m sure Da’Vonne needs this more than any of the other houseguests. The corny BB Takeover music comes and everyone comes rushing to the living room. There is a big British-style phone booth sitting there. Kathy tells them there will be 15 phone calls and 1 of them will be able to nullify 3 votes on eviction night. The other 14 votes get Kathy Griffin tips. “Here’s a tip- Showers are suppose to be taken daily.” My favorite was Shelli’s- Burn your wardrobe. Clay demands he answer that 7th phone call, but Da’vonne has other ideas. She answers the 7th call, and wins the “last laugh.” Who’s votes will she nullify? Well, right after she goes into the Have Not room with Jason and tells him she won. This excites Jason and they do a little celebration. Why not? It’s Da’vonne’s only prayer right now. Clay throws a mini temper tantrum about not getting the 7th phone call because it was his lucky number. He tells Shelli, he thinks Da’vonne won because she’s acting completely different, almost happy.

Da’Vonne is still working her magic trying to get the votes. She knows she only needs 5 votes now, so she goes and asks people like Vanessa, Johnny Mac, and Liz if they would vote to keep her. The 1 person she wasn’t counting on to be in her corner- Audrey. She thinks it’s smart to keep Da’Vonne because she knows as soon as Da’Vonne goes, she’s public enemy number 1. Who was more surprised than Da’Vonne herself? They were mortal enemies, now Audrey is saying she’ll throw a vote her way? Sounds unbelievable, and considering all the crap starting, and lying Audrey has done so far, who thinks she would be telling the truth? Da’vonne has an ace in her corner: she’s figured out the twin twist.

The twin twist is pretty much public knowledge now. Da’Vonne told Jason. They watched Liz/Julia as they would come out of the DR, and notice differences. One of the differences: One of the twins is a little thicker than the other. Da’Vonne throws out a zinger: “Slim fast doesn’t work that fast.” Also one of them is tanner than the other. Jason said one of them works out and the other sits around being lazy. Da’vonne says one of the twins is less friendly. Jason says “his gut” is telling him there are twins. He  knows in the past a set of twins have played as one player. (Big Brother 5 for the home audience) So, instead of keeping it secret and using it to their advantage, they decided to tell the entire house. Da’Vonne goes to Julia/Liz, and fills her in. She says the house suspects Liz has a twin. If Liz votes to keep Da’Vonne, they can work together and protect each other. You can tell Liz/Julia sitting there is just about to lose her marbles, but instead keeps it together and agrees to work with Da’Vonne. 

Julie appears on the screen and says she can’t tell them who won “the last laugh,” but she’s going to reveal who’s votes will not count in tonight’s eviction. The houseguests who will not be voting in tonight’s eviction are Jackie, Becky, and Jeff. What!? What about Clay OR Audrey? So, it’s time for the eviction speeches. Meg is all bubbly I love you guys blah blah..typical Meg speech. Da’Vonne says there are cowards in the house.  Da’vonne says they should keep her because she’s a strong player, and she’s not scared of anyone. She says they can continue to be cowards and next week Meg can be a pawn against them, or they can keep her. The votes are in- Jason and Audrey vote out Meg. All the other votes were against Da’Vonne. It was a 7-2 vote.  Da’Vonne says she’s going to miss Jason. Julie asks why Da’Vonne told the entire house instead of keeping it to herself and approaching Liz on her own and proposing they work together while keeping the secret. Da’Vonne concedes that would have been a better move. Julie asks how Audrey went from enemy number 1 to Da’Vonne being evicted. She thinks they are scared to put up Audrey because she’s transgender. Da’Vonne thinks they need to separate Audrey the person from Audrey the player. Audrey the player has to go. During the goodbyes Liz/Julia’s message says they voted out Da’Vonne because she blew up their game. Da’Vonne calls them “Thickums.” Zinger number 2 for Da’Vonne tonight. What a firecracker!

Time for the next BB Takeover guest. New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowski. He first tells the houseguest this week is going to be a party. He says he “likes winners” so they better try hard to win comps. He rewards the houseguests by saying there will be no have nots this week.

It’s time to crown 2 new HOH’s. HOH comp goes like this- It’s a big beer pong game called “Gronk Pong.” They have to use a launcher to get their ball into one of the cups. The cups have different point values. The 2 houseguests who  get their balls in the cup with the biggest number wins HOH. Austin got the biggest number and became the first HOH. There was a 3-way tie between Vanessa, James, and Liz. There was a tie-breaker shoot between those 3, Vanessa won the second HOH. Vanessa and Austin are the 2 new HOH’s.

Who will Vanessa and Austin nominate? Will Audrey be public enemy number 1? How will the new BB Takeover affect the game? Tune in Sunday, and remember there are 24/7 feeds. Unedited and sometimes quite dramatic!


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