#TeenMom2 Premiers Tonight – Watch a Sneak Peek Here!

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“Teen Mom 2” is about to start it’s 6th season tonight, and MTV took a look back at last season, as well as looking forward, in a recent catch up special.  What have Jenelle, Chelsea, Leah, and Kailyn been up to? 

Jenelle Evans

MTV recaps the revolving door trashy relationships that Jenelle has had over the years, and refreshes our memories on the reprobate she is with now, Nathan Griffith.  Last season we watched him rack up his third DUI, and go to jail.  Jenelle was pregnant with her second baby, and continued to clash with her mother, Barbara, over wanting to take back custody of her son, Jace.  Jenelle and Nathan argued constantly, and Barbara agreed to ease Jace into the custody transition slowly.  Jenelle had another son, named Kaiser, and the family came together for the birth.  This season, a cool as a cucumber Jenelle has Nathan arrested for domestic abuse.  MTV cameras were there, recording the drama.

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry got married, had another baby, and bought a new house in Delaware last season.  She and her husband Javi went through some parenting struggles, while shuttling Isaac back and forth to his dad, Joe’s home, in a New Jersey.  Kailyn finally smoothed things over with Joe and made peace with Joe’s girlfriend.  The marriage challenges continue this season with the young couple. 

Chelsea Houska

Chelsea remains a bright spot on this show, as she continues to work to build a life for she and her daughter Aubree. Her baby daddy Adam, is a perpetual loser who was in a serious car accident last season, and also became a father for the second time, with his now ex-girlfriend.  Chelsea was frustrated with Adam shirking his visitation responsibilities, and struggled with his parents.  After jumping some hurdles, she got her esthetician license, and went to work.  This season, Adam is seeking joint custody, which is insane, considering his constant brushes with the law.

Leah Calvert

Leah is the mother of three girls, and has been married twice.  One of the girls has medical challenges, and Leah created one of her own last season, when she began taking anti-anxiety drugs.  We watched her drugged up on the show, as well as arguing with her husband, Jeremy, with money issues triggering many of the squabbles.  Leah was beginning to unravel right before our eyes. Leah and first husband Corey argued over trying to nail down a wheelchair for their daughter, and both couples bickered over parenting the twins.  Corey sought action to take custody of the girls, as well a child support from Leah.  This season, Leah’s issues come to a head, and Corey nails her for having a drug problem.  Leah denies it, but Corey and his wife, Miranda don’t buy it.  Jeremy and Leah split, and MTV cameras were there.

Post-teen drama will be had by all, as these four women navigate their reality as young mothers.  Teen Mom premieres July 9th, on MTV.


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