RECAP: #BigBrother17 — Shelli is the New Sheriff in Town [Episode 7]

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Twin Twist, Momma Demon, and fruitloop dingues, Oh My! Jam packed full of goodies to snark about. Oh “Big Brother” editors you twist things, but you make it interesting.

Well, Battle of the Block has been played. Steve and Jason win, dethroning HOH Becky. The sole HOH now is Shelli. (My enduring nickname for her will be Barbie. Clay’s will be Ken) Jason and Steve have this adorable DR session celebrating their win! Jason refers to them as tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. Becky isn’t that crushed about being dethroned. She’s happy she built some new relationships with the houseguests, and Shelli will do the dirty work and backdoor Audrey. (It’s cute how Becky still thinks they have a mutual target.) Da’vonne is upset. She knows John threw the BOB and she thinks the house is legit trying to get her out of the house. How perceptive Da’vonne. Meanwhile, Barbie and Ken celebrate with Johnny Mac. Clay reassures Johnny Mac that he’s not just another throw away pawn, and he says he’ll go home before Johnny Mac will. Johnny Mac just plays along with it because he needs allies. After everything calms down, Ken/Barbie have a little cuddle session. *vomit*

Meg/Jason/James talk about saving Da’vonne. Jason says he’s really happy he’s safe, but he’s worried about Da’vonne. They talk about the backdoor Audrey plan that is apparently no longer happening, and they are sure Audrey would go home over Da’vonne. Since no one trusts Audrey anymore, (except Ken/Barbie) she eavesdrops on this entire conversation. This worries her. She has a voice in her head giving her doubts about her safety.

The twin twist is in full effect now. It’s time for Liz to switch with Julia. Liz tells Julia what happened with nominations, and Da’vonne’s colorful response. Julia says “I love Da’vonne I love Da’vonne.” Ok we get it Julia. It sounds kind of like whining as Liz fills Julia in. Julia asks if they’re on the block. Liz tells her of course not. Julia re-enters the house and wonders into the kitchen. She’s immediately grossed out. Making vomit sounds. Jason wonders into the kitchen a short time later, and they make small talk.

Time to pick players for the veto comp! The 2 nominees and HOH all pick a name. Barbie picks first, and gets houseguests choice. SURPRISE! She picked Ken. Jason says BIG SURPRISE! Da’vonne picks and she makes this big plea. She HAS to pick Jason because he’s her ride or die. Who did she pick? “Damn Steve.” The players for the veto are Da’vonne, Johnny Mac, Shelli, Clay, Meg, and Steve. No one picked would even think to use the veto on Da’vonne, and she knows it. She tells James she knows they want her gone. She thinks because she called out Audrey everyone is scared. Oh, and the host is Jackie. You know the houseguest who wins most invisible.

Let’s play the veto! The theme remains the same. Kathy Griffin and her new drama “Ginger Fever.” This is how the game goes: Kathy will demand a number of objects from her assistant, but unfortunately her assistant already has her hands full! When the elevator opens, the assistant will be there will all but 1 of every item Kathy demanded. The houseguests have to figure out what item is missing, run and get the item, and make it back first. There are 5 rounds. First round: Johnny vs. Da’vonne= Johnny Won eliminating Da’vonne. Second round: Steve vs. Clay= Clay wins eliminating Steve. Round 3: Meg vs. Shelli= Meg wins eliminating Shelli. Round 4: John vs. Meg= Meg totally throws it and John wins. Round 5: Clay vs. John= John wins the Veto. (Thank you “Big Brother” for giving us a nice picture of Jodi. BB14. She didn’t get enough airtime.)  This means Shelli will have to get more blood on her hands after all. She’s not happy about it. Da’vonne holds on to the little hope she has now that Johnny Mac has won the veto. Johnny Mac takes himself off, and Audrey gets the backdoor. It’s also worth mentioning Clay did some dramatic sprint, jump, and dive for a rubber ducky. Then we have to be reminded he played for Texas A&M.

After veto, Ken/Barbie ascend to their castle (the hoh room) to decide what subject will go up against Da’vonne to ensure she goes home. Shelli reminds Clay everyone assumes she’s going to backdoor Audrey which is out of the question. Shelli gets Becky into the HOH room. She tells Becky Da’vonne has to go this week. Oh and by the way, Clay isn’t going after Da’vonne because she’s this fierce player. He’s still butthurt over their argument last week that Audrey instigated. Oh Clay. Becky feels strongly about Audrey because Audrey has lied about her.

Vanessa wants to see what’s the new plan now that Johnny Mac has won the veto. Shelli says she wants to talk Johnny Mac into NOT using the Veto. Vanessa looks dumbfounded and says ok we need a plan B. She knows he won’t go for this wacked out plan. Johnny Mac joins them, and they give Johnny Mac the pitch to not use the veto. Johnny Mac says in his DR- NO! Why would I do that? Clay’s sitting there assuring Johnny Mac if nominations stay the same, he’ll be safe. Johnny Mac says in his DR- You guys are on your own with this one. So, it looks like a plan B is needed.

Austin and Liz head up to HOH to talk some game with Shelli. Shelli tells Liz she may go up as a pawn, but she would most definitely be safe, but they have to keep this plan quiet. She doesn’t want Da’vonne hearing about who the target actually is, and all their planning to go up in flames. Guys, Da’vonne already knows. Anyways, Liz reluctantly agrees saying “I’ll take one for the team ya’ll.” Later on, she cries to Austin and Becky about how scared she is. Becky tells her to stay calm. Austin assures her Da’vonne has burned all kinds of bridges, so she’ll remain the target no matter what. They assure her they have her back 100%. Liz goes on a little DR rant about playing for both Julia and her, so she has to figure out a way out of this mess.

As “Big Brother” Turns or the very turbulent relationship of Clay/Audrey/Shelli. Right after veto was played, Clay reassured Audrey she was safe as long as her loyalty stayed with them. Audrey says her loyalty is with them one million percent. She’s not playing friends anymore. So, one night after everyone has drifted into dreamland, Clay and Audrey start talking. Audrey says the blessing of being most hated in the house is you get your own bed. Clay reminds her she did bring some of the trouble on herself. Audrey gets all huffy, but of course she’s loyal to “thunderbuns” as she calls him. Clay tells Audrey: look we saved you, but it doesn’t mean we trust you. Clay reminds Audrey how Shelli/Clay risked their game to keep her safe, so she better be loyal to them and no one else. Audrey gets kinda huffy, and tells Clay she feels like he’s being condescending to her. She thinks Clay wants her to follow every single plan Shelli/Clay think up. Clay tells Audrey she still is dangerous in this game, and everyone wants her gone. This conversation gets too heated and Clay walks away. In his DR he complains about Audrey twisting his words, and he can’t trust her. Does he really think she changed overnight into a different player? Anyways, Clay goes back up to his throne, and relays kind of what Audrey and he discussed. He says she’s dangerous, and there might be a glimmer of hope. They might put her up.

So, Austin comes up with this mastermind plan one night after hearing Jason/Meg/James/Jeff joking around. He can twist it and make it look like they wanted to flip the votes on Shelli/Clay. He first brings his master plan to Vanessa. He tells her they were up one night joking around and talking some game. He actually says they discussed flipping the votes on Shelli/Clay to keep Da’vonne around. After he convinces her, he runs up to Barbie/Ken’s dream house, with Vanessa’s trusty reinforcements, and convinces them not to put up Liz. He tells Shelli/Clay “they” think of them (Shelli/Clay) as a duo. Austin then throws out Meg as being a replacement. Everyone loves her, so no one will vote against her. Master plan accomplished. Shelli rethinks her replacement nominees. Austin has saved his ally Liz.

Finally we make it to the veto ceremony. Johnny Mac decides to use it on himself, and Shelli puts up Meg. Meg is not only upset for being a replacement nominee. She knows Shelli put her up so Da’vonne has no chance of saving herself. Da’vonne won’t go down without a fight. She’s going to fight until the votes are cast. Shelli knows no one will vote out sweet Meg.

Thursday is live eviction night! The last laugh twist will be revealed. Will it save Da’vonne? Who will win the next HOH competition, and who’s the next BB Takeover guest?


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