#BigBrother17 Spoilers: POV, Live Feeds & More!

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My last spoiler blog left off by telling you the POV players have been chosen. Those players are Clay, John, Da’vonne, Shelli, and Steve. Jackie hosted. Well I can tell you after hours of the feeds being down, Johnny Mac won POV. This will obviously save him and a replacement nominee will go up. Becky still assumes Audrey will go up as a replacement, but that’s not Shelli’s plan. (or should I say Clay’s.) 

After Johnny Mac won POV, there was lots of discussion about who would be the replacement nominee. Right away Liz’s name was thrown out there. Shelli breaks it to Liz after much conversation with Clay. She’s cool with it. Shelli was actually trying to convince Johnny Mac not to use the veto. Clay shut that down right away. He said it would be stupid not to use it. Vanessa asked Shelli not tell Johnny to not use the veto. Johnny Mac won Veto-HE now owes THEM. Ok Shelli.

Shelli talked to Becky. She told Becky Da’vonne is leaving this week. Becky is onboard as long as they don’t tell people she’s in on this plan. Oh and because Becky has shown she’s a pretty good comp beast, she’s now on Audrey’s radar. Luckily Shelli/Clay have some loyalties to Becky.

Clay/Jeff/Shelli talk a lot about Audrey. She has to go..who would go up with her…blah blah it’s been going on since last week. Jeff/Shelli/Clay put their own games at risk for Audrey. (They made a deal that keeps Audrey safe this week) Audrey is told by Jeff he expects some loyalty in return. She will not go after them until jury, however Jeff has other plans. His number uno target is Audrey. Clay/Audrey have some discussions about loyalty and the fact they saved Audrey’s butt even when Shelli was pressured to put up Audrey. Audrey mentions targeting Becky in a few of her conversations with Shelli/Jeff/Clay.

So Austin has a problem. He’ll do anything to save Liz. He brings attention to “The Late Night Crew” (James, Jason, Meg) He puts that little seed in Shelli’s head it may be too risky to put up Liz because Da’vonne could get enough votes to send her packing. Jeff really isn’t that fond of Liz. He says she’s going to flirt her way through the game.

Austin also breaks it to Liz/Becky- Da’vonne is not a teacher. She’s a professional poker dealer in L.A. He knows because of the slang she used when they played cards. He says he’s a degenerate, but he has a lot of friends who play.

Jeff whined and complained about not targeting Audrey instead of Da’vonne, but he has to go along with Shelli/Clay anyways. Jeff asks James how Da’vonne is doing. He says she’s good. Jeff says he hopes Da’vonne doesn’t think he was ok with this plan. He wanted to target Audrey. She’s a bigger threat. James says if he wins HOH, he’s targeting Audrey.

Clay/Jeff/Shelli talk A LOT about who they can put up as a replacement. Meanwhile, Jeff/Clay continue to bitch about Audrey being the next target. Shelli is almost positive she’s not putting up Liz anymore. She’s putting up Meg. Austin came to them earlier and ratted out “the late night crew” saying It’s entirely possible they can try and flip the votes to save Da’vonne. Jeff/Clay/Shelli have clear targets- First Da’vonne. Then goes Audrey. Then Austin. He’s not trustworthy. He can flip at any moment.

Vanessa also warns Shelli about The Late Night Crew. She spent a lot of time in the HOH room. Shelli says Meg/James told her they are voting out Da’vonne. Austin fills them in on something that happened with Jason/Audrey/Jeff. Da’vonne was in the adjacent room and heard the conversation. Now she doesn’t trust any of them. Austin worries about floaters. (Because he’s not one)

Shelli tells Clay she’s made a decision. Instead of putting Liz up, she’s putting up Meg. Meg is a vote to keep Da’vonne, and she’s working with the other side of the house. Putting up Liz is too much of a risk. Clay says Audrey is twisting it so they’ll target Becky. Shelli tells him Audrey knows Becky is targeting her. Lots of discussion about putting up Meg now happens.

Clay/Jeff think Shelli should integrate into the other side of the house. Jeff says he’s staying close to Jason/James/Meg. A new alliance is forming. Shelli calls it “The trust circle.” She wants to solidify it before eviction night. There are discussions about bringing in Meg/Jason/James and maybe Becky/Johnny Mac. Jeff says they need to stick with who they trust. Alliance to be named later

Da’vonne doesn’t give up. She had a long discussion with Shelli. She told Shelli they (Shelli/Clay) were never her targets. Audrey has always been her number 1 target. Shelli told Da’vonne she’s glad they’re talking because she loves her as a person. Da’vonne thought after the Audrey blow up they were ok, and she knows they didn’t talk for awhile after her argument with Clay. Shelli was hurt after Da’vonne picked Liz for safety. Da’vonne said she was trying to throw people off their alliance trail. Shelli thought she was jumping alliances. Da’vonne’s last plea is to put up Audrey. She can be an asset to them. Da’vonne brings up a sentence in Shelli’s HOH letter “Watch your back.” She hopes she takes it into consideration. They hug it out. Da’vonne isn’t convinced Shelli will believe her. She told James she thinks Shelli will put up Meg.

Shelli talks again to Liz and pleads her case. She tells Shelli Liz/Austin/Vanessa will keep her safe until jury. Shelli asks who Liz will target next week. Liz says James…maybe Audrey. Liz tells Shelli if she wants Da’vonne to go her best bet is to put up Meg.

Shelli checks in with Clay. She tells Clay about her conversation with Da’vonne. She said Da’vonne had some compelling points. She also pulled out the I need money for my child card.

Monday morning means it’s time for the POV ceremony. Johnny Mac, of course, took himself off the block. It was not a surprise to anyone, Shelli put Meg up as the replacement nominee. It’s Da’vonne vs. Meg. Eviction night is Thursday, but we have yet to hear about the Last Laugh twist. This may be good for Da’vonne. Maybe her fate has been decided.

The houseguests are also figuring out the twin twist. They’re noticing little differences in Liz./Julia. Jason thinks one of them is skinner. Da’vonne is noticing eye colors difference and a difference in their voices. (One of their voices is deeper) Jason also notices different stories, and one of them is friendlier than the other.  Jason brings uBig Brother 5  (The very first twin twist)


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