RECAP: Real Housewives of Orange County “Tragedy Strikes The O.C.” [Episode 5]

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Tonight’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” opens with Meghan whining about moving to her new house and not getting any help from her husband, Jim. You know picking up a phone and calling up the movers is so stressful. #MassiveEyeRoll While stressing over her move and lack of help, Shannon calls Meghan to personally invite her to her monthly Bunko party. 


Shannon is hosting a Bunko party and extends an olive branch to Meghan but Meghan behaves like a child informing Shannon she’s surprised to get a phone call from her considering the way she reacted to her calling her. Meghan doesn’t stop there, she tells Shannon her behavior is unpredictable. Shannon says when she says something she follows through with it, every single time. Meghan responds with “I look forward to you proving that.” Shannon rolls her eyes and says she will prove it to her. After the call ends Shannon realizes she’s kissing the ass of  a 30-year-old brat and promptly calls her back to tell her she’s not proving anything to her. Take that Meghan!


Heather is another “stressed” housewife. Her issue stems from Terry working 24/7 to pay for their ‘lifestyles of the rich and famous’ world. Apparently, in order to build a monstrosity their dream home requires Terry to slave away take on several jobs which keeps daddy away from home. One of busiest commitment is his reality show, ‘Botched.’ She says the kids definitely notice that he isn’t around very much.


Shannon is busy prepping for her Bunko party when David disturbs her che by telling her, he ran into a lady she met at the beach. Shannon, who is always tightly wound, responds in sheer anxiety. She misinterprets what David told her and thinks it’s the woman he had an affair with. 

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Shannon confides in her friend Kristina that she has to walk on eggshells around the infidelity subject with David. She fears she won’t be able to get over the affair and admits that David is a pathological liar, having told her numerous lies. In a TH, Shannon claims if David contacts his paramour again, she will walk out and never turn back. Suuure you will, Shannon.


It’s Bunko time and the first guest to arrive is Meghan!! Shannon is just thrilled to see the smug 30-year-old. Shannon makes a passive aggressive gesture when she gifts Meghan with two bottles of wine for her charity. The same charity Meghan held a party  for and didn’t invite Shannon. Tsk…tsk.


The rest of the ladies trickle in and for the second time Jeana Keough makes a guest appearance. Is Bravo warming us up to Jeana’s comeback? I hope so. All the ladies hug and exchange pleasantries then the games begin. 


Vicki excuses herself to take a call from her daughter, Brianna. Right away she drops to the floor and starts wailing, her mother passed away. “Briana, I can’t do. I don’t want to believe this,” she tells her daughter.


Shannon, Meghan King Edmonds, Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow and Jeana Keough all rush to her side to comfort her. Vicki’s mom, (Joanne Steinmetz), wasn’t sick. “How can she die on me?” Vicki asked. “I need my mother.”


Heather calls for Vicki’s boyfriend, Brooks to come get her from the party and she plans to go to Chicago to be with her family. He arrives very quickly to comfort Vicki.


“I wasn’t ready to stop learning from my mom,” Vicki said in a Talking Head. “I don’t know why we have to die…I’ll miss my mom’s spunk. She had so much love for life and she’s so smart. She’s the whop it up lady, at 83 she was whopping it up.”


A look back at Vicki Gunvalson’s special relationship with her mother.


Our deepest condolences to Vicki and may Joanne Steinmetz rest in heaven.


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