RECAP: Married to Medicine — Quad and Lisa Nicole Get Into A Bloody Fight [Episode 4]

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Dayumm! This was one doozy of a show. Things go down between Quad and Lisa Nicole – a hospital visit, a police report – regarding the dual background checks. But before we get to that hot mess, this episode of “Married to Medicine” begin with Dr. Eugene and Toya, who are looking for matching workout clothes. Eugene is not feeling the health kick and has an aversion to “Fit Is the New It.” Did you know when these two met they were both overweight? Toya lost the weight, but Eugene did not. Toya orders Eugene to abstain from cigars and Coca-cola. Eugene will try to stay open minded about the new program but something tells me he’s still going to enjoy his cigars and Cokes.


Over at Heavenly’s house, she and her husband Damon are going out on a date. Favorite child, Alaura thinks it’s gross since they’re already married. Isn’t she cute? Anyhoo, the cuteness continues as Alaura picks out her mother’s dress and shoes, then gives a walking lesson (heel-toe-heel-toe) after Heavenly stumbles and nearly falls down.

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While driving through the ATL, Quad places a call to Lisa Nicole because she realizes the pettiness of their situation. They both agree that they can have a conversation like two mature women about this mess. The agree to speak later after a time and place has been set up by the producers for the “mature women” luncheon.

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Dr. Simone gets home from work and begins lecturing her very polite boys on the importance of education and not on time spent playing video games. Cecil is also in trouble for allowing this slack to occur. The kids are on borrowed time, living in the lap of luxury, Simone informs. Just then, the honking of a horn can be heard. The family skips outside as a Maserati pulls into the driveway and Simone announces she’s bought this car for herself, by herself. Cecil is not happy that Simone didn’t let him know first. You’ve got to let a brotha know these things, right? What about teaching your kids that respect is just as important as education? Pffft. Simone does looks sexy in her sexy car. You go girl!

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We join Heavenly and Damon on their date. According to them, they both love and like each other, which sets them apart from everyone else. Heavenly wants to share the love and help other people get what they’ve got. Damon thinks his wife is already too busy. Then they discuss pretending to want to lose weight for Dr. Jackie. Heavenly thinks Damon is just being selfish. Damon basically says, ‘Woman stop. You ain’t doing this.’ Heavenly basically says, ‘This ain’t over.’ I’m sure everyone cannot wait for the love course from know-it-all Heavenly.

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Lisa Nicole is whining in the bathroom to her husband, Dr. Darren, about the situation with Quad. He advices that they iron out their differences. She asks Darren to come with her so things don’t get too crazy. Good call, Lisa Nicole, but unfortunately your husband is too busy. He tells her that he’ll stop by after he goes to the hospital.

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Quad is already at the outdoor café waiting for Lisa Nicole. When Lisa Nicole arrives, looking like she’s going to a funeral, the women greet each other with fake enthusiasm. They agree right off the bat to lay it all to rest. This is very short-lived. Quad and Lisa Nicole begin speaking over each other and the situation quickly escalates.

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Quad fires off that Lisa Nicole was arrested on a battery charge in 2007 involving Darren. This was dismissed, so Quad launches off another explosive tidbit and says that after Darren had a hit-it and quit-it fling, this may have produced an “illegitimate child.” At least Quad didn’t use the word: bastard. Lisa Nicole screams, “There was no child, you hood-rag bitch.”

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Lisa Nicole picks up the pitcher of water, conveniently placed in the middle of the table, and as she’s tossing it in Quad’s face, tells her she knows about the (alleged) lesbian relationship between Quad and Mariah. Obviously the “illegitimate child” struck a chord with Lisa Nicole. The two go at it. Water glasses are breaking. Accusations are flying. Damon appears just at the right time to break the two apart, but he knocks his own wife to the ground in the process. A producer backs Quad away in the other direction. A blood-streaked scratch is on Quad’s face. Damon is telling Lisa Nicole that she can never let it get to this. Thank you very much, Monday morning quarterback. Maybe you should have done something sooner.

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Over at Jackie’s workout Toya, Eugene, Heavenly and Simone arrive so they can get “Fit Is the New It” over with, so they can go sit and get lit. Heavenly tells Jackie that she has got things to do. Jackie wants to wait for Quad so Heavenly places a call to her. Quad says it isn’t a good time to work out since she’s leaving the police station and has a small gash on her face after Lisa Nicole threw a glass at her. Not everyone is eagerly jumping onto the Quad-is-an-innocent-victim act. Toya has her suspicions because “these b*tches make you do things.” The girls decide to split up when they go to talk to the women about what really went down. No one is really interested in working out and eating right, but they fake it until they make it.

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The following morning, Lisa Nicole is in the kitchen with her husband, after spending the night tossing and turning with regret. Darren was so upset after the “mature women” luncheon that he had to leave the house last night. Mmm-hmm. However, in a private interview Lisa Nicole explains the battery charge. Upon learning that another woman had been calling Darren, Lisa Nicole got a little mad and threw a little something at him, which prompted Darren to call the police and Lisa Nicole to be hauled off to jail. After she agreed to anger management (which obviously did not work) the charges were dropped.

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Lisa Nicole tells her husband, in her whiny voice, that what really set her off was the comment about the illegitimate child. I’m thinking to myself, why didn’t they discuss this yesterday, when it happened? Oh yeah, the crew probably had to stop filming because of the mountain of paperwork an on-set injury can create. So here we are, with Lisa Nicole in her kitchen as she re-enacts her declaration that no bitch will dishonor her family like that. She and Darren say they have come a long way since that assault charge. They’ve walked through mud and climbed the highest mountain…and yet, here they are, right back in it.


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