#BigBrother17 Spoilers: Nominations, Battle of The Block , Live Feeds & More!

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So much has happened since Thursday’s episode! Time to get caught up on all the feeds drama.

Thursday’s episode leaves off with Becky/Shelli being the new HOH’s. The feeds come back, and everyone is chit chatting about the competition, and about the “last laugh” twist teaser. Audrey is slowly getting back into the groove of the house after being exiled for days. (Due to her MAJOR need to cause drama among the other houseguests)

Slowly everyone starts scattering to different parts of the house. Johnny Mac/Jeff/James talk about Audrey. Johnny Mac tells them he thinks they should backdoor Audrey. He warns Jeff about being her target. Later on, Jeff/Da’vonne and James are talking. Jeff says he knows Audrey wants him gone. Da’vonne responds with “She thinks she’s safe.” They discuss the lone vote to keep Jace. It’s assumed the lone vote was Austin, but Jeff thinks it was Audrey. He says she did it so she can start more drama. Good guess Jeff! High Five!

Jason/Meg/Da’vonne are hanging out discussing nominations. Jason feels safer with Becky being HOH over Shelli. Da’vonne comes in a bit later and tells them Vanessa/Austin/Clay are whispering in the bathroom. Jason/Da’vonne are positive they are going up, and Da’vonne will be the target. I’m still trying to figure that one out folks. There are a lot of bigger targets roaming around girls!

Audrey/Jeff clear the air in the HOH room. The only valid things about this discussion is Audrey says she was never against Jeff. She heard Jeff was holding meetings without her. Jeff hates it when people isolate themselves to talk game. (obviously he hasn’t watched much Big Brother) Audrey says she only talks game with Shelli/Clay/Austin/Vanessa. Yep folks, Audrey’s at it again!

Becky isn’t sure who she’s putting up, but “Nominations Today” shows up, so she doesn’t have much time does she?

Shelli/Becky compare notes on Audrey. They think Audrey made up a fake story about Becky using racial slurs. Becky really wants to put up Audrey now because Audrey made it personal. They agree neither of them want Clay or Jackie to go up. Becky wants to put up Steve/Audrey. If Audrey wins POV Steve can go. The house doesn’t like him. Leave poor Steve alone you meanies!

Jeff/Clay make a deal with Audrey. They believe Da’Vonne is the biggest target right now. If she leaves, they can trust Jason a lot more!

The have-nots are picked. The Battle of the Block competition took the place of the have-not competition, so the HOH picks the have-nots. The have-nots are Steve, Jason, James, and Meg.

In the hammock room Shelli/Clay discuss nominations. Shelli fills Clay in on Becky’s plan to nominate Audrey, and use Steve as a pawn. Clay tells Shelli Da’Vonne fears the dreaded backdoor. Basically, they go back and forth. Shelli is worried about the votes to get Da’Vonne out, but in the end they agree to target her.

Becky discusses her targets with Da’Vonne. She says she wants to work with Da’vonne and she will not nominate her. Becky then fills Jason in on the backdoor Audrey plan. Becky points out the entire house is against Audrey.

Shelli, however has different plans. She tells Vanessa she’s targeting Da’Vonne. She reassures Vanessa she’s not afraid to make big moves. Yea because Da’vonne is a threat to her game and all. She knows Becky is doing Da’vonne’s dirty work. She also points out other houseguests like Johnny Mac who are also with Da’vonne. I’m thinking the house is split. Either Team Da’vonne or Team Audrey.

After they get their HOH rooms, Becky talks to other houseguests about her backdoor Audrey plan. Jeff is very much onboard. Johnny Mac jumps on that train. Shelli gets Austin onboard with the backdoor Da’Vonne plan. She also recruits Meg. They talk about Austin being trustworthy, and who would throw the Battle of the Block competition.

Shelli/Johnny Mac talk about nominations. Shelli tells Clay and Jeff she is 100% targeting Da’Vonne. The plan is for either Da’Vonne or Audrey to go. If Da’Vonne wins POV, she’ll backdoor Audrey. They talk about throwing the Battle of the Block competition a bit, and Shelli asks Johnny Mac if he will throw it. More or less Johnny Mac agrees to throw it.

There’s A LOT of discussion about Audrey being trustworthy. Shelli wants Audrey out because Audrey started the rumor about Becky being racist. They think Jackie also wants Audrey gone. More discussions happen about wanting Audrey out for various reasons. Clay says Becky told him she won HOH to specifically target Audrey.

Nominations happen. Shelli puts up Johnny Mac & Da’Vonne. Becky puts up Steve & Jason. After nominations, Jason/ Da’Vonne discuss going on the block. Jason starts cursing. Da’Vonne points out how happy Audrey is acting about the nominations. Da’Vonne is livid because of all the crap Audrey did, but she wasn’t nominated. Da’Vonne is pumped to win the Battle of the Block competition. Jason says Jace dropped a bomb before he left. There’s an 8 person alliance.

Up in the HOH room Shelli/Clay discuss their plans. This is technically Shelli’s HOH, but Clay is pretty much running the show at the moment. Audrey comes in and asks if there’s a plan B if Steve or Jason throw the Battle of the Block competition. Shelli says no After she tells Audrey she’s done game talking tonight, Audrey gets up and leaves the room. Surprised? Clay points out how many times Audrey has lied, and they can’t trust her at all. Clay says Jeff is with them, and if Audrey doesn’t go this week he’ll go after her. Shelli says she doesn’t ever wanna talk game with Audrey. Clay agrees.

More talk in the HOH room with Shelli/Jackie/Clay. Shelli says she told Da’vonne before nominations she’s going up, and she’s being cool about it for now. Becky joins them. Apparently Da’Vonne made a comment about not going up to the HOH room and it pisses Clay off. Clay says Da’vonne should just pack her bags now. Then comes more I can’t trust anything Audrey says discussion for the millionth time tonight.

Storage Room with James/Jeff. James tells Jeff he’s staying loyal to their alliance. Jeff says Clay is so convinced if he doesn’t get Da’vonne out, she’ll come after him. James says he just wants Audrey gone, and it boggles his mind why she didn’t go up after all the stuff she did. Da’Vonne joins them, and they tell her they’re worried about Audrey not being on the block. Da’Vonne says Jason and I are the targets.

About 5am Audrey comes out of the diary room and announces “RED ALERT IT’S TIME FOR THE BATTLE OF THE BLOCK COMPETITION. Feeds get blocked. As expected, Steve/Jason win the Battle of the Block competition. Becky is dethroned.

This neverending night continues with Meg/Jason/James. Jason says they have to save Da’Vonne or they’re down in numbers. They think if Da’Vonne is saved maybe Shelli would put up Audrey. James/Meg are iffy on that. Meg says Da’Vonne HAS TO WIN the Veto. They discuss how to campaign against Johnny Mac. Maybe plant some seeds about Johnny Mac not actually being a dentist? Maybe get some distrust. They talk about other subjects like the BB Takeover “the last laugh.”

Shelli/Clay discuss Audrey. (again) Clay says she slipped and said something like she’s only here for a certain amount of time? Clay thinks she has a twist somehow.

Meg/Jason discuss Audrey’s theory about a twin. Meg says all Audrey heard (I’m thinking in the DR) was a name. Jason thinks it might be Johnny Mac. James says all he wants is Audrey to go. Meg/Jason go on discussing the twin twist theory.

So, Shelli/Clay/Johnny Mac are still awake. Clay says they’ll look out for Johnny Mac now that he threw the Battle of the Block competition. They do some pep talking about Johnny Mac being an important alliance member. Clay says Da’Vonne is a snake, and controlling.

Meanwhile, Da’Vonne tries to keep it together, but she cries. She gives herself some Affirmations and pulls it together. The girl is tough.

Meg starts playing the game! She says someone wins veto, takes Johnny Mac off and Shelli puts up Audrey. If Shelli doesn’t put up Audrey, the house will be pissed. Jeff thinks Shelli/Clay are just playing eachother. Later on, Meg and Jeff talk in the storage room. Meg says the only hope they have is if Da’Vonne wins the veto. She’s sure Johnny Mac threw the Battle of the Block competition. Meg tells Jeff people like Becky/Jackie will be pissed if Shelli doesn’t follow thru with giving Audrey the backdoor.

Up in the HOH room Shelli/Clay have a little tiff about Clay talking to James. He says he asked James if Da’Vonne approched him after she talked to Jeff. She (Da’Vonne) was just asking Jeff if he knew she was going to be targeted. Clay told James to make sure she (Audrey?) keeps thinking Jeff is targeting her. Shelli gets pissed about Clay telling James anything because they don’t know how trustworthy he actually is. She says everyone still thinks Audrey might go up, and he’s messing up her plans. Clay gets huffy and they argue a bit, but everything works out.

Vanessa/Liz talk about the nominations. Liz says she knows Da’Vonne is going home. They talk about the Audrey mistrust and agree if they win veto they won’t use it. They don’t wanna get involved. The definition of floaters ladies and gents!

Blocked Feeds- time to pick players for the veto ceremony. Clay, John, Meg, Day, Shelli, Steve are picked. Jackie is hosting.

Last night’s drama was fun, and exhausting! Who knows what will happen and they’re definitely keeping it interesting! Subscribe to the 24/7 feeds so you can watch all this unedited drama unfold. So, worth it.


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