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#SisterWives Drama! Fans React Harshly To Robyn Brown’s Pregnancy Announcement

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TLC’s Sister Wives” is set to premiere in September, and with the recent announcement of yet another Brown on the way, it is sure to be an interesting season. 

Robyn Brown is now pregnant with Kody’s eighteenth child,  announcing the happy news via a splashy magazine story.  She took to her Twitter to link the story, using the sentiment “finally!” to express her reaction to having her fifth child, and adding number eighteen to the Brown brood. Finally? 

A quick peek at the Sister Wives Facebook page reveals a surprising trend among fans of the show, namely a less than enthusiastic  response to the bun in the oven announcement, from the one legal wife who seems to be growing less popular by the minute. It appears that last season’s undercover wife switcheroo between Meri and Robyn, is still making waves. TLC sneakily revealed that Kody had divorced Meri and married Robyn, by tagging on additional episodes to last season. Late night editing was utilized to smooth out the shocker, to jaw-dropped viewers.  Fans reacted to Robyn’s predictable news on Facebook, and while a few followers were positive, the response was anything but supportive. 

These comments are among the most popular ones, in reaction to Robyn’s news. 

  • “I think Cody shows favoritism to Robyn and has put all the other 3 wives on the back burner. everything is ROBYN ROBYN ROBYN.”
  • “Omg…..I can’t stand her. Why does Cody tell Meri he doesn’t want another baby….but he will have one with Robyn ??? Cody is a jerk.”
  • “T L C needs to drop ” The Robyn Show”.,, So tired of her !!! Are you listening , Robyn???”
  • “I knew it. Wishing her a healthy pregnancy, but I also wish she would get some self control and stop trying to manipulate others. This isn’t about the divorce or Meri’s infertility either. Robyn constantly uses her emotions as a tool to control others. She shamed Meri for wanting to go back to school and blames the whole family when their overpriced jewelery sales are down.”
  • “I absolutely loved sister wives and then came whiney annoying Robyn. Ugh I can’t stand her. I normally never ever say anything bad about anyone but it seriously disgusts me of the absolute favoritism. Blah”
  • “Oh, Robyn, don’t go away mad – just go away! If wishing that she would go away would only make it so. She is so annoying and now it will be worse since the show should really be retitled to “The Kody and Robyn Show”.”
  • “Kody’s obvious favoritism towards Robyn must really hurt the other wives.”
  • “So the spoiled cry baby has got her way AGAIN. I don’t like Robyn.”
  • “It’s ALL about Robyn. . Whining and crying all the time”
  • “Robyn is breaking this family apart .i use to love this show but it’s getting stupid ..feel bad for meri n janelle”

Stay tuned, because social media will tell the real story when Sister Wives returns, this fall. 


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