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Meghan Edmonds Feels Shannon Beador Should Have Swallowed Her Pride and Apologized

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The newest housewife on “The Real Housewives of Orange County” has no clue how to win friends and influence people. Meghan Edmonds took to her Bravo blog to set the record straight, but let me issue a warning here, she completely lacks self-insight, is a name-dropper, thinks the charity event was about her, and has a mean-girl message for Vicki. Prepare yourself, her blog could “offend” you.

“And so Phone-Gate continues. Even watching this was exhausting because it was so stupid and petty for Shannon to storm off on me like she did and make a scene in the Bello’s home. If Shannon reacted like an adult she would’ve swallowed her pride, apologized for unintentionally offending me, and explain she was caught off guard, the issue would have been laid to rest.”

Meghan would you like Shannon to bend over and kiss your ass while she’s at it? And if you’re wondering whose idea this tête-à-tête was, Meghan stupidly clarifies it was all hers.

“There was no ambush as she described it unless she was recreating history in her own mind. What the cameras show was what happened. There was no prodding from production for me to talk to Shannon about this or to make the phone call in the first place, it was all my idea.”

Remember the part in the episode where Meghan tried to kiss her husband but he turned away? Turns out she wants an apology from him, too!  

“Anyway, I was angry when I saw Jimmy turn away when I tried to kiss him at the Bello’s. He was embarrassed that I was involved in a dramatic scene at his friends’ house but he should’ve trusted me to know that I wasn’t “ambushing” Shannon. He should’ve kissed me and looked me in the eyes. I had no idea he reacted this way until I saw the episode because I was so preoccupied with the ridiculous drama. When I asked him about this moment he told me he acted this way because he doesn’t like drama and he apologized.” 

Well, I’m glad they got that all sorted out. But apparently “Jimmy” had more to do with #shannongate than we all knew, and Meghan doesn’t waste time pitching her husband under the bus.

“Lastly, Jimmy didn’t want Shannon at our home because of her blow up in Napa. He knew how hard I had been working on the JDRF party and how stressed I was with our upcoming move that he told me she was not allowed to step foot in our home until I had de-stressed from our move. Jimmy and I made it clear to Shannon and David after the fact that it was Jimmy’s idea to not invite the Beadors and there were no hard feelings.”

Meghan does have her compassionate moments as she describes the “warm and fuzzy” feeling the charity created in the home that Meghan doesn’t own and refers to Jim’s first wife in a lovingly manner. But then Meghan wastes no time pointing out how she’s better than the Housewives.

“I don’t know why Tamra is so stuck on my age, it’s odd to me. My brother is 23 and is friends with Valentino who is 83! I guess the King family is just progressive like that because clearly the Housewives struggle with that concept.”

Progressive or entitled? Let’s not argue over semantics. In closing, Meghan takes aim at Vicki and swings for the fences.

“And a note to Vicki – you’re right, the old house wasn’t mine and it wasn’t “my stuff” in that house, it was Jimmy’s. But since we’ve gotten rid of everything and have started over everything is “ours”. I was blessed enough to grow up with a stay at home mom (and sometimes ICU RN) and a dad who worked his patootie off every day. But 39 years later my dad still calls every penny he earns “their” money and always has. Jimmy and I see that as a testament to their teamwork and we strive to model our marriage after that “teamwork concept” which may be foreign to the selfish individuals who constantly remind their spouse how they have their OWN money. Oh, and if you are still suspicious of whether or not “we” own a home together with “our” money, check the real estate records. Hashtag burn.”





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