EXCLUSIVE: The Truth Behind Jacqueline Laurita’s Plastic Surgery Expenses Revealed!

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Jacqueline and Chris Laurita have been under financial fire recently, and are in the downsizing process, digging out from under an economic crisis. Jacqueline has been regularly criticized, with viewers calling out the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, on her luxurious practice of regular cosmetic procedures, and plastic surgeries. 

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While most stars hide the “work” they’ve had done, Jacqueline has always been forthcoming about all the procedures she’s had done. In interviews and on social media Jacqueline has shared many details of her cosmetic procedures.

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 A source close to the reality star reached out, to clear up the commonly believed misconception that Jacqueline Laurita is shelling out big bucks to stop the aging clock.

“Ever since Jacqueline joined the show, she hasn’t spent a dime on plastic surgeries.  Most of her procedures are non-invasive, and due to her open nature about the work being done, she scores free treatments.”

According to the source, Jacqueline would never choose to blow cash she doesn’t have on frivolous beauty treatments. The tipster also insists that Laurita is not a flashy shopper, or big spender.

“Jacqueline is frugal, and is a low-key shopper.  She checks in with her husband about purchases, and isn’t concerned with labels.”

The Lauritas are purportedly on the road to financial recovery, as they continue to downsize.  No word yet on Laurita’s possible return to reality TV.


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