Brandi Glanville Talks No Job, No Man, Housewives, Leann & Eddie and Lawsuits in Howard Stern Interview!

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Wednesday morning Howard Stern welcomed former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville back to his SiriusXM radio show for the second time. The former reality star discussed her recent departure from the show and all the dirt that happened behind the scenes.

Brandi flaps her “Unfiltered” mouth much to the delight of people who enjoy gawking at a train wreck in process. Despite her looming legal woes, the “Drinking and Tweeting” author opened up to Howard even admitting, she’s on antidepressants. Below are highlights from the interview. 

  • On what the season will be like without her: “It’s going to be interesting because for the past seasons its been Brandi drinks too much and Kim is in rehab…it’s going to be interesting to see what they do”
  • Howard asks about reality TV and there’s no show without Brandi: “I gotta do something for the sake of the show, ” Admitting she created drama for the show sake.
  • On child support: “I get $1100 a month and he wanted me to pay him back child support, he said I owed him back support”
  • On producer interaction: “We have different producers every year. They all work freelance so if we don’t have a show, they don’t have a job. Adding, “A lot of times they pull me aside and say do something [start drama] but they don’t tell me what to do.”
  • On Yolanda and their relationship: “Yolanda and I are close outside the show”
  • Howard ask if she was fired: “I didn’t want to do the show again. I did some things I couldn’t explain (throwing wine on Eileen and slapping Lisa Vanderpump). I spoke to producers and said I would come back if it’s with Yolanda or it’s with Kim. Otherwise I don’t talk to the other wives, I don’t like them.”
  • Stern says he thinks the other wives went to Andy and told him to get rid of her:  “I can imagine yes but I don’t know that for sure. In the past they have said they don’t want to shoot with me.”
  • On the other wives saying she got fired: “They don’t know. They have no idea” Adding, “Here’s what sucks…They are c*nts because they’re saying I got fired and I’m in the process of moving/trying to rent another house for my two children and no one will rent me a house because they think I got fired.” Brandi continues, “They say I got fired, I was not fired from the housewives. It didn’t make sense for me to come back full-time”
  • On salary: My 1st year I was a ‘friend of’ and made $16k. I was making more this season, close to $500k
  • On receiving Cease and Desist Letters: “When I said I was coming here [Howard Stern show], I got [legal letters] from Kyle. She didn’t want me talking about her on this show. Adding, “They’re all very self important. We’re on a reality show, shit is going to get said. Get over it!” Continuing, “They want all the good stuff but can’t handle any of the negativity then they start throwing out legal letter. This is like my third one from the cast.”
  • Her thoughts on Lisa Rinna: “When Lisa Rinna joined, we had a mutual person that worked for us and she would tell him to tell me not to say this or say that.” Adding, “I feel like she’s playing a part”
  • Howard asks, is reality TV worth doing?: “It saved my life in a lot of ways. Even right now I wouldn’t have these offers. I can’t say because nothing is signed but I love Bravo”
  • On Andy Cohen…does he like her: “I sometimes wonder. I don’t know if he likes me. I can’t kiss ass, it’s not in my make up and every other housewife kisses his ass.”
  • Howard asks….Do you think the reason for the bad blood is because you told Andy to f*ck off in an interview: “Yes, I did say that and it’s not the first time. I have no bullshit meter. If I’m pissed at you, I don’t care if you’re Oprah, I’m telling you to f*ck off.”
  • On Joanna Krupa lawsuit: “I can not talk about this.” She goes on to say, she spent $54k so far fighting the suit and it’s just gotten started.
  • On Kyle: “She sent me a cease and desist yesterday. She’s a b*tch and a horrible person”
  • On Kim Richards: “Kim’s a sweetheart and she’s in rehab.”
  • On the Firing again: “It didn’t make sense for them to have me back but they wanted me to appear here and there”
  • On Negative Twitter backlash: “I don’t block, I mute them because I get paid for my social media to tweet things”
  • Howard asks why is she always moving so much: “I’m stressed, definitely. I’m moving again because the house I was leasing, they sold it. I’ve moved 6 times in 5 years”
  • Howard says he feels like she’s under so much stress: “I drive a fancy car, we almost have no place to live, I don’t have a job, all my money is tied up in lawsuits, my Latin boyfriend cheated on me. This is like 2009 all over again.”
  • On Leann and Eddie: “Sometimes I miss the person I thought he [Eddie]was.” Howard asks can she and Leann be in a room together and not fight, “Yes, we threw a party for Mason together and I always sit with them when we have school recitals. It’s better for the kids.”
  • Howard asked, If you’re in a room with Andy and the other (RHOBH) wives….would she throw yourself at their mercy: “Fuck NO”

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