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Fraud Alert: Prison Denies Suspicious Furlough Request By Teresa Giudice To Visit “Ailing” Parents

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teresa-giudice-prison-with parents

Say it isn’t so! According to Radar Online, Teresa Giudice, incarcerated star of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” is in “talks to get out as early as this summer!”

Teresa reportedly requested a weekend furlough to visit her parents due to her father’s “poor health” however the plan was “dropped after being told she’d need to provide proof of their poor health.”

Fans of the show know Teresa’s father, Giacinto Gorga, has struggled with his health, but according to the source, “Nothing has changed since she went to prison” and was “advised to not pursue the furlough” since she was unable to provide supporting documentation.

So is this just another deceptive move on Teresa’s part proving that she hasn’t learned a thing except how to manipulate the system? The insider seems to think so.

“Teresa told other inmates she wanted to “spend time with them” and “just go shopping with her mom at the local mall.”

Like that won’t cause any attention at all! But of course attention is just what she wants.

Once again, Gia has been tweeting again on behalf of her mother, keeping her message of “love, love, love” alive. No word if this will affect her “summer release.”


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