RECAP: #BigBrother17 “Nominations” [Episode 3]

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Where we last left off Phil Keoghan was teasing the houseguests about another twist involving Da’Vonne and Vanessa sitting out of the very first HOH competition. Da’Vonne thinks it’s money. Vanessa is vague and says it has to be good. Well, it turned out to be immunity for Vanessa and Da’Vonne, and they can each bring one houseguest with them. They were given 30 minutes to decide. Da’Vonne wants a houseguest who can help her further in the game. Vanessa, however wants someone who’s a physical comp beast. Something Vanessa lacks. After talking to every houseguest, Vanessa chooses Austin. Da’Vonne chooses Liz. Liz gave her this wonderful speech on how she can help Da’Vonne’s game and she’ll have Liz’s loyalty. Austin says in the DR he’ll stay loyal to Vanessa as long as it helps his game. If another person comes along, he’ll drop Vanessa like a bad habit.


Can we talk about the Jace/Austin bromance for a minute? Jace and Austin come up with brocodes. After using the shells from the backyard and pretend to “call” each other, they form an alliance called “shelltown.” Austin says this alliance benefits him because Jace is a bigger target. Jace doesn’t know when to shut up. Jace calls Austin his Romeo and Juliet.

James and Jason come out and do the classic, “Who wants to see our HOH room!?” Everyone acts excited to go up and see it. Jace wants to take over the HOH bathroom and bring some girls into the bathtub with him. Where exactly is he going to find these girls because none of the girls in the house are interested in him?

Big Brother17

After everyone leaves, Jason and James get down to business. Time to talk game. Who can they nominate this week? Jason immediately mentions Johhny Mac. He thinks Johnny Mac is lying about his profession as a dentist. He’s not the only houseguest. Da’Vonne asks Johnny Mac if he really is a dentist. Another player is mentioned, Jace.

Time for Jeff and Jackie to talk. Jeff thinks they should distance from each other to make it seem like they aren’t a team. Jeff says (in his DR) Jackie wanted more out of their relationship after their time on The Amazing Race was over, but he wasn’t feeling the same way. Jeff is trying to find a way to make the target on his back smaller.

Shelli and Clay– the very first showmance ot the Summer? Shelli tells Clay she’s divorced. She was married for a year and a half. Clay says he consults his mom on almost everything. They discuss trust in the game. They agree to trust each other.

Audrey/Shelli/Da’Vonne are suppose to be an alliance right?Da’Vonne tells Audrey she doesn’t really trust Shelli that much. Maybe they should limit the information they tell her. Da’vonne thinks she’s more interested in her romance with Clay, not the money. Audrey says she’s close to Jason and they share a bond, so she feels ok with Jason being one of the HOH’s. Audrey says she’s going to mention Jace as a target to Jason. Da’Vonne and Audrey agree they’re worried about the Austin/Jace bromance. Later on, Audrey and Jason talk. They both agree Jace is a good target. Jason reassures Audrey she is safe. A meeting in the HOH room happens with Da’Vonne, Audrey, Jason and James and a new alliance is formed. Da’Vonne thinks it’s a really good idea to partner up with who’s in power.

A plan comes together. They want to backdoor Jace. Jason wants the backdoor plan because it doesn’t give Jace a chance to fight in any competition to save himself. Jace is a good competitor. Now, they need pawns. James first goes to Jackie. He assures her she will be safe, but for the plan to happen he needs pawns. Jackie volunteers (has she never seen Big Brother?) after a little schmoozing. Next Jason talks to Johnny Mac telling him not to be surprised if he goes up. There is a backdoor plan. James and Jason together talk to Meg, Becky, and  Steven. The only one who seems really concerned is Steven because everyone knows on “Big Brother” pawns go home.

Nomination ceremony. Jason picks his nominations first, then James picks his. Jason nominates Johnny Mac and Becky. He says he doesn’t have connections with either of them. James nominates Steve and Jackie. His reason was they’re both strong players. Jace says he wasn’t worried because he has good personal relationships in the house. Audrey “celebrates like a 15-year-old at her quinceañera” Shelli/Da’Vonne celebrate by dancing in the storage room. Jason does some damage control with Becky who feels blindsided. (Didn’t they tell her she might go up?) Later on, Steve and Jackie have a very awkward conversation about Battle of the Block, and hug it out.

Big Brother17

Battle of the Block. The competition is building skyscrapers with blocks on a moving platform with wrecking balls. Not as easy as it looks. They uncover their “blueprint” and follow it with building blocks. They can only bring 1 block at a time and if they fall off they have to return to the start. Jackie says she has awesome balance because she’s a dancer. Jackie and Steve’s strategy is to go together until Steve starts falling off over and over. Steve’s new strategy was to crawl on the platform instead of stand. The competition is really close, but Becky puts the top on her skyscraper, rings her bell and wins. Jason is dethroned, and he’s slimed. Jackie/Steve remain on the block, but the backdoor Jace plan is still in effect.

Big Brother17

Who will win the POV? Will this plan stay in place?


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