NeNe Leakes’ Son, Bryson Bryant Arrested Again on Check Fraud Related Charges

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, NeNe Leakes’ oldest son, Bryson Bryant, was arrested last week in Douglas, GA, in connection with a check forgery case. On Tuesday, June 16th, the Douglas Police Department spotted an individual at a local McDonald’s, with a laptop and printer, making fraudulent Taco Bell payroll checks. The man, Imginac Walter Theodore of Athens, was arrested on five felony counts for printing fake checks. Theodore and one other suspect were arrested that day, with more than $35k worth of fraudulent payroll checks being circulated and tracked, statewide.  This is where Bryant comes into the picture.

According to the police report, Bryant was in the vehicle with the Theodore, but Bryant was not charged with check forgery. According to Coffee county investigator, Robert Sprinkle, Bryant was in possession of a fraudulent check made out in his name, but because he hadn’t cashed the check, he was not charged. He did choose to  lie about who he was, when found in the vehicle with Theodore. He was arrested only because he provided the cops with a false name, which is classified as a misdemeanor. Bryant, whose ID was found on Theodore, was released on bond.

According to background information, Bryant is married, is a father, and works at a Five Guys restaurant. He has been in and out of trouble several times in his young adult life. The offenses include a small marijuana possession charge, a shoplifting arrest, a DUI, which stemmed from a car accident, then later he was charged with reckless driving. While on probation, Bryant failed to report to his probation officer several times, tested for cocaine, and skipped a mandatory DUI class assignment, which triggered a three month prison sentence. Earlier this year, Bryant was ordered to complete a stint in rehab.

Bryant appeared on a few past episodes of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and his personal and criminal struggles have been referenced occasionally, over the years. There has been no mention or appearance of Bryant, in recent seasons. The reality show is currently in pre-production, for season eight.


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