RECAP: Big Brother 17 — A Season of Twistiest Twists! [Premiere Episode]

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Welcome to “Big Brother 17,” the summer of twists! We have 14 new house guests and we met 8 of them tonight! First house guest we’re introduced to is James who is a little different from you would expect, and he embraces everything southern people enjoy. He also enjoys his camo! Next we meet Meg who is a very bubbly waitress from New York City! She says she lives with her gay best friend who she calls her “Gusband.” She thinks he bubbly personality will get her far in the game. Little does she know annoying the house guests will send her packing early, but she probably knows little about the game because she says superfans scare her. Audrey was the next houseguest handed a key. It’s just so lame how they give them their keys. Anyways, Audrey says she’s a “girly girl and loves makeup and nails” (You get the picture.) She also says she’s a competitor and fiercely athletic. She says “Buckle up bitches!” A little more information on Audrey– she’s the first transgender houseguest on Big Brother. This is sure to stir up controversy with not only the other houseguest, but fans in general.


Then there’s Austin also known as Judas. He’s a professional wrestler, but he also has a Master’s Degree in Medieval Romance Literature. Interesting. Shelli is going to be the “thirsty” houseguest. She’s in her thirties, recently divorced and open to a showmance. Not much more to Shelli. Maybe she’s on the wrong show. The Bachelor probably would’ve been a better fit for Shelli, but we shall see what happens. Da’vonne is from Inglewood. She says she has a thick skin, and she has a 7-month-old baby. She says she’s very willing to get blood on her hands and she’s a freelance poker dealer. She’s a hustler. Clay would be our resident jock. He was raised on a farm, recently graduated from Texas A&M University and he was a football player. He’s the house guest who needs to stay quiet, sit in the corner, and just look pretty. Lastly, we have Jase. The #BB17 Hayden (bb16 reference.) He even makes a joke about being a petty cab driver, Hayden’s occupation when he entered the bb house last Summer. He’s from California, and he’s a personal trainer. He’s also broken too many bones in his body to count. He thinks he’s the 2015 version of Indiana Jones.

So, the first eight house guests stand outside the Big Brother house. Julie goes on a little rant about showmances, competitions, and lying. I tuned her out because who doesn’t know what Big Brother is about? The first 4 house guests who enter are Da’vonne, Shelli, Clay and Austin. When they enter all I hear is 5 dozen “oh my gods” along with screaming. The next 4 were Audrey, Jase, James and Meg. More “oh my God’s” along with Meg’s screaming and James trying to figure out where he can find a bed. Shelli sees Clay and she’s definitely thirsty for the guy. Her DR’s pretty much tell us where she’s going to sleep this Summer. When they do introductions here are some key points – Da’vonne tells them she’s a 2nd grade teacher not a poker dealer, James thinks Meg looks like Taylor Swift, Austin plays up wrestling injuries, and Audrey tells them about being transgender. Audrey’s announcement stuns some of them, but is generally very accepted. We have more house guests coming so we’ll see how long that lasts. She’s sure to get some judgment from a houseguest or two.


Da’vonne, Shelli and Audrey form a girls alliance because Audrey really wants girl power, and will do almost anything for a woman to win this year. Girl’s alliances almost never work. Too much cattiness. So, I’m thinking this alliance won’t last long.

Julie calls them to the living room and tells them she will be announcing 2 twists to them. One is a fan favorite and the other will change the game. The first one she announces is the fan favorite. Battle of the Block is back folks. (Fans disagreed and say they hate Battle of the Block.) This is how it works: there will be two HOH’s who will nominate two houseguests. The two pairs of nominees must compete against each other in a themed-competition. The winning pair would be safe from eviction from the week and would also dethrone the Head of Household that nominated them, leaving the other HOH as the sole Head of Household.

HOH competition time! (There will be a separate HOH competition for the new house guests entering tomorrow!) Kevin Frasier from ‘Entertainment Tonight’ acts like it’s a movie premiere. He asks them questions like who would play them in a movie based on their lives, if you could date someone famous…and then he tells James “look at you..” James looked confused. Kevin tells him to look at himself later. The movie is called UFONO! Tomatoes are thrown at them. (because the movie was bad) They have to catch them and put them in a container while standing on a moving platform. The first houseguest who gets 10 tomatoes in their container wins. Da’vonne sits it out with the understanding she won’t be nominated. In the end, Audrey, Jase, and James were the final 3. All 3 of them fell at the same time. A playback was done to find out who hit the ground last. James became the very first HOH. Audrey responded with “I’ll have to kiss his little camo ass.” Audrey is definitely going to have great one-liners.

The second twist is called the “BB Takeover.” There will be a new twist revealed to the house guests every week. When they hear some corny music playing they must report to the living room for a new twist! This will keep everyone on their toes and probably bring back BB Alum. “Expect the unexpected.”

Final twist was for America’s ears, but the house guests have no clue. “The Twin Twist.” One of the house guests has a twin. They will be playing as one houseguest. If they can survive five evictions, both of them can enter the game and play as individual players. This twist looks familiar to fans who have watched the show for many years.

Tomorrow night we meet the remaining house guests, and the very first takeover twist! Hopefully this will be an interesting Summer!


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