Meghan King Edmonds Was Floored Shannon Beador Refused To Help With Her Charity Event

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It’s tough being the new girl, and Meghan O’Toole King Edmonds, or whatever name she goes by, is finding what a whirlwind “The Real Housewives of Orange County” can be. She took to her Bravo blog this week to share her thoughts on that awkward phone call with Shannon and what part of the episode made her squirm. Meghan wrote,

“When I watched the scene of Shannon and David in the golf cart it made me squirm. It was so uncomfortable to hear David try to hug her and Shannon quip at him about not gritting his teeth when he did it. I’m no saint, believe me, I rub salt in the wound on occasion when my husband tries to bury the hatchet and vice versa. However, it was still difficult to hear. Having said that, I admire Shannon and David for working to save their marriage. I don’t want to know what it’s like to have to be in their shoes and even as I type this I am wondering if I am judging their relationship with my above thoughts.”

Yes, that would be judging. And isn’t this Meghan’s second marriage? You would think she would be capable of more compassion. Instead she compares RHOC to Romeo and Juliet.

“A name…ay, Shakespeare, what’s in a name? The central theme to Romeo and Juliet is playing out to be the tragedy of The Real Housewives of Orange County!” Meghan adds, “I told Jimmy when we started dating that I would not be taking “Edmonds” when we got married. He was fine with this but I think his feelings were slightly hurt. So when he saw I would be going by “Meghan King Edmonds” on the show he was thrilled. It was my gift to him and judging from his response you would’ve thought I just won the Nobel Prize!”

Is she for real? (Sigh) Meghan explains the phone call about catering and Shannon’s “dismissive” attitude.

“So, to continue with this laborious thought, I wasn’t trying to mislead Shannon by leaving out “Edmonds” – I had only been married 2 1/2 months when I called her! Even if I had changed my name I would’ve still been getting used to it! And like I mentioned, I texted her after the phone call and she never responded to the text or the phone call like she said she would. She was so dismissive on that phone call that Jimmy, the caterer, Lindsay, and I were looking at each other with eyes the size of saucers in total disbelief; who speaks like that if they are answering a phone call?”

Seriously? Shannon was confused and caught off guard. Life doesn’t stop just because you get a phone call from Meghan King (or whatever her name is.)

“If Shannon thought I was a telemarketer then why did she stay on the phone with me? Even if I was a telemarketer I am clearly calling about a charity in which she had interest. I truly was calling her for suggestions as I sat with my caterer at the Red O. I had never thrown a charity event and never thrown a party in Orange County; I was looking for advice. I still to this day don’t know why she couldn’t just have helped me…or at least apologize when I said I was offended. I had no idea she was going to blow up on me like she did. I was simply floored.”

And for the last time…seriously? Tune in next week for the conclusion to phonegate.


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