VIDEO: Dr. Jackie Tries To Help Simone Whitmore Find The Root of Her Anger With Toya

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Married to Medicine_Simone_Explains_Her_Real_Issue_With_Toya

The ladies of “Married to Medicine” are back tonight for another drama-filled episode. In tonight’s episode, Jackie tries to help Simone find the root of her anger. Jackie can’t comprehend why Simone lets Toya, a person she barely knows, makes her snap. Whenever Toya’s name is mentioned, Simone explodes like a volcano. Jackie digs deep to show Simone how her dad’s past transgressions are still affecting her life. During their session, Simone breaks down and has a breakthrough.


As the ladies gather to celebrate Lisa Nicole and Heavenly‘s magazine cover, Simone comes face to face with Toya for the first time since their disagreement. Lisa Nicole thinks Simone should “talk to someone to figure out where all the anger comes from.” 

Meanwhile, following a successful meeting with the private investigator, Quad receives all the information she needs to finally give Lisa Nicole a taste of her own medicine.

“Married to Medicine” airs Sundays at 8:00 pm ET on Bravo.


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