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#SisterWives Kody and Robyn Brown are Expecting Another Baby!

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Break out the cigars, because the stars of TLC’s Sister Wives,” Kody Brown and newest legal wife, Robyn, are expecting Kody’s 18th child. 

It will be the second child born to Kody and Robyn, who confirmed the news via Twitter, which also served as a reminder that the show returns in September. Interestingly, Robyn chose to blast the news to her followers by linking them to a splashy online article. 

Sister Wives

Sister Wives

When we last checked in with the controversial polygamist family, TLC and the Browns were allegedly in cahoots, scrambling to explain a behind the scenes, wife switcheroo. It was revealed that first wife Meri was legally dumped for fourth partner Robyn, with a supposed motive of Kody desiring to adopt Robyn’s three children from a previous marriage. 

An insider reached out to All About the Tea during that period, asserting that the shocking move stemmed from simple jealousy, and essentially an ultimatum given by Robyn to Kody, to put a legal ring on it, or else (Read Here). 

Kody complied, and there has been no further public mention of the supposed adoption effort. The birth father of the three children was very much in the picture, at the time of the report.  TLC was also exposed, caught via social media, for utilizing some fancy late night editing, to smooth out the unexpectedly choppy storyline.

So what will a new season bring, other than planning for another Brown mouth to feed? We will soon see!


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